Back in the saddle again

Well after a mass exodus from the world of Myspace  (myself included), I decided that I would do some redecorating around A Rhinestone World, but shucks if I just decided to pack up and move.  So here I am at WordPress!  So, welcome.  As the late Bernie Mac said, “Goddammit, Welcome.”  

For anyone new to A Rhinestone World, let me introduce myself:
My name is Betsy.  I’m from Northwestern Ohio, the really rural parts, but I live in Chicago with my husband Will and my three cats, Zeta, Finn and Pip.  I’m an actor and a receptionist.  

I’m really quite proficient at Playing House…just don’t white glove test me. 

In the past I’ve mentally wish-washed between housewifery and feminism before I finally realized that I believe EVERYONE should have a little domestic skill in their back pocket.   I bring a little country to city and occasionally bring a little city to the country.  I babble about my pursuits here at a Rhinestone World, named after a song lyric by the illustrious and incomparable Dolly Parton.   Expect cats, theatre, aprons, knitting, cooking, sewing, entertaining, preparing to both clean and camp while never actually doing it, movies, books and the occasional rant.  After all, what are blogs for?  But most importantly:  Expect nothing less.

The Queen on her Throne

The Queen on her Throne


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