Soda is an acronym I came up with to describe a certain room in our house. I often forget what all the letters stand for, but since this is in written format, you’ll have no idea how long I paused while trying to remember, nor will you have to suffer through me, mouth-gaping, emitting a long “uhhhhhhhhh” while I try to think of it.
So here it is:

If I can just get a fridge in there I may never have to leave.

It all started out with my Christmas Gift from Will. He trompled all over the tri-state area (okay, he went to Schaumburg) looking for the perfect sewing table : “One that looks nice…and not too expensive.” And friends, he triumphed! So much so, that I decided I needed a sewing area! Yes! I would create a sewing area!

But then I thought…well I knit, too. Don’t I? I also paint occasionally and draw and color. I’m a walking pre-school on a rainy day at recess..with gin.

And then of course, there is all of my audition stuff, and musical instruments, and scripts, and sheet music, and headshots, and manilla envelopes (I just…I have a lot of manilla envelopes) and flotsam and jetsam and kits and caboodles and all sorts of items that would fall under the broad category of “Creative Endeavors”. While I wasn’t looking, or rather while I was coming out of a round of anesthesia, Will took it upon himself to remove some of my more hideous sculpture work (self portrait) so you’ll noticed I avoided the category of “ceramics”. Also he refuses to haul a piano to the third floor, I doubt I can get him to heave a kiln up there.

In short, I require not an area, but a Room. Will might say A Warehouse, but I think I’ve done well with the space allotted to me.

And I barely spent a dime. Alright I spent about 45 dollars all tolled.

The SODA room (pictures to follow) includes several areas:
1. Dressing : This includes our closets and dressers, ironing board and iron, laundry and linen care, and shoes. Also sheets.
2. Office: Computer and printing supplies, small office supplies, filing, Reference books, and correspondence.
3. Art supplies: All labeled and tucked away in a reappropriated shoe bag. Very clever. And not at all my idea, but I can’t remember where I saw it originally.
4. Knitting: I have a knitting bag fitted with wheels so that I can sail into old age as quickly as possible (I’m 27 going on 84 or 14…not sure). I’ll just poke a needle in at an angle and turn my little caddy into a hand car that I will seesaw into a geriactric ward…or even just a few feet into my
5: Sewing area: Sewing table, sewing machines, buttons, thread, notions, fabric, and other accoutrement, all sitting atop a hideously lovely purple carpet I got at the grocery store.
6: Easel: I have a strategically placed easel to hide the
7: Cat box: It’s pink. It’s cute. But it is still a cat box.
8. Theatre bookshelf: It is a limited display. Basically it holds all my practical (ha ha I know) theatre stuff: audition books, headshots, etc. The bulk of our theatre reading material (texts and the like) are in a Rubbermaid container out back.
9. Bulletin Board: To hold notes concerning my latest project. I plan to girlify this as soon as possible.

Of course, since the Muse of Arts and Crafts decided to beat me silly with a bolt of fabric and a t-square, I have loaded up my project plate to the point of screaming, but I’m loving every minute of it.

I’ll have pictures soon. I just need to vacuum up the cat litter.


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