“And every task you undertake…becomes a piece of cake”

I’m on a new kick: Do it yourself cleaning products. I’m so very excited. My big Spring Cleaning is an April project, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start to prepare now, yes?

Last night, as I googled “Washing Soda” and other myriad non-toxic environmentally friendly ingredients, Will and I discussed my latest endeavor.
WILL: How much is the washing soda?
BETSY: It varies. On drugstore.com it’s 6.99
WILL: That’s a lot.
BETSY: It’s a 55 oz box.
WILL: This is going to end up costing more than regular cleaning products.
BETSY: In the short term…yes. But then I’ll be able to make refills practically forever! Lavendar scented, too! Name something that might need cleaning….just…just anything at all.
WILL: Light switches.
BETSY: (flipping through copy of The Naturally Clean Home) Ah ha! “Herbal Disinfectant!” 2 cups hot water, 10 drops thyme essential oil, 1/4 cup borax.
WILL: ….
BETSY: It’s going to be awesome.

It IS going to be awesome. Today I create my initial list of supplies (thank god I had the foresight on Monday to buy that plastic sprayer bottle at Walgreens.) I actually already have a lot of the supplies: Baking soda, Murphy’s oil soap, white vinegar (which already unclogged my iron sprayer this week!).

Actually, I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to stop at the art supply store for beeswax and I’ll decide that before I do any of this, a la Agnes and Kim from How Clean is Your House?, I will be distracted by my need for maribou trim cleaning gloves and I’ll come out with a bag full of feathers and glitter and forget all about the beeswax. What do I even need beeswax for anyway? I can’t remember, but I will never be without use for maribou.

Some of the more exotic ingredients I will be hunting for include Lanolin (the sheep from Garfield and Friends…I am going to LOVE having her around), Castile soap (that sounds so Espana), Carnauba wax (“The hardest natural wax known”. It’s made from palm trees. I smell vacay! Who’s with me?), and the ever so exotic sounding Diatomaceous Earth (the book says “NOT the diatomaceous earth from pool supplies stores.” In that case, I am just plumb out.)

Aside from the maribou gloves, it’s looking like I should invest in a safari ensemble (I can always wear a khaki skirt to work), complete with pith helmet (My grandpa used to have a pith helmet. Sadly, I don’t know what happened to it.) And obviously, natural cleaning products will require a special apron. Looks like I’ll be stopping at Jo-ann’s too. And Whole Foods…for the essential oils and glycerin, probably the Castile Soap (Ooh…not to self…pick up finger cymbals), and Citrus seed extract. I can get the Bon Ami and Cream of Tartar when I go grocery shopping.
Of course, the online resources for DIY cleaning products are endless. I found homemade Febreeze recipes, a Soft Scrub of sorts, 1001 Vinegar Tips and I even stumbled upon the book title: Baking Soda. Who’s going to be able to sleep tonight!?! Not me!!!!
Although….if there is H&M on the way to the art supply store, it’s over. This weather means new spring jacket and a girl has to have priorities. I can always trim it in maribou.


One thought on ““And every task you undertake…becomes a piece of cake”

  1. I know where Grandpa’s pith helmet is and if you want, I’ll wrap it up for your birthday. If your really want to boil over oil, go to LorAnn.com. Best company ever!

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