Bust my Buttons

I kind of like Mondays. It’s a fairly recent development, but it’s true. New audition postings, reviews, new to do lists…better weather (at least this week). I like a sense of renewal, and I think Mondays provide that.

On tap today? Working on a monologue. I haven’t done that in so long! But I needed a Tennessee Williams, and the one I have is not appropriate for the part I want. So new it is. We’re getting ready to fly to Pittsburgh this weekend for a wedding, so I can memorize on the plane, I suppose. In fact, today will likely be a theatre-y day. I have no auditions scheduled but it’s time to prepare for a cabaret! I am oh so very excited about this. It’s my first cabaret in Chicago and I’m fairly thrilled. (www.pointofcontention.org) I won’t reveal what I’m performing, but I believe I may be allowed to use a boa. And whaddya know? I’ve got a pink one at home. Anyway, proceeds from the cabaret go towards funding Point of Contention’s fall show. A worthy cause indeed. I also need to download the cast recording of Poseidon the musical for research and audition preparation purposes.

As you can see, my quest for a solid month off of theatre for restorative purposes was just a pie in the sky, and as Ernest T says, skies too high (and no, I really have no idea what that means. Just sounded appropriate). But I’ve still managed to regroup and restore a bit. And I’m looking forward to our mini-trip this weekend. Still have to run to Williams Sonoma for a wedding gift but I think that will go on Wednesday’s to-do list.

A bit of a non-sequitor, but for a website purporting to make one’s life easier, doesn’t Lifehacker’s interface seem overly complicated and hard to read?

On the domestic front, I have found a recipe I adore: Baked Oatmeal. It is perfect! You can make it the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning, and have a healthy (IBS friendly…sigh) breakfast before shooting off into your hectic day! Sure, I sound like someone’s grandmother on the way to a bingo marathon, but it’s true. Cheap healthy and convenient food is a theatre girl’s bread and butter. And I do a little jig when I find one that works. I can give ya the recipe if you’re intrigued. And Will liked it. Which is a victory in and of itself.

So let’s see, that’s to do’s, food, schedule. What’s left? AH! Mani/pedi of course. I told ya I was going to a wedding and that means breaking out the strapless shoes for the first time since…alright last week. Whatever. The point is a Beauty Night is in order. It’s like Spring Cleaning for my appearance. And what do I always say are the most important things in my repertoire? Eyes and Eyebrows. Eyes and Eyebrows. And since I’m beginning to look like the Gatekeeper of the Emerald City (just in time for St. Patty’s!) the time has come for some maitenance.


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