Smart Water and Catharsis: A weak metaphor

Smart water has electrolytes. My sister in law swears that it prevents her migraines. You know what else has electrolytes? Tears. Now I’m not suggesting you purposefully weep into a drinking glass. Just bear with me.

A conversation with a friend led me to thinking about what we do when we need to get it out. I know people who have to walk it out. I know people who have to punch it out or yell it out or even break a few glasses. It being…well, anything really, but usually some form of stress. I usually have to cry it out, but I don’t often see it coming. I don’t seek catharsis. Catharsis finds me and it’s usually in public which is oh so convenient.

After my cousin was killed in a car accident, I came back to Chicago and puttered around and grieved and worried about my family members. And then one night, Will and I went to see Finding Neverland and I lost my damn mind. I cried for hours. Shaking, uncontrollable sobs. I could barely walk out of the theatre. I’m misquoting here, but there is a moment in the film where JM Barrie says to one of the children, “There it is. Your childhood just ended.” Or something like that. Basically, you see the moment in the kid’s face where the spark in his eye that was his Mom goes out. And while my story does not even come close to being at all like that film, when my cousin died, our childhoods ended. And while I wasn’t a fan of this fact coming to light for me at the cineplex on Western, I’m grateful that it did anyway. And I’m grateful a very special man was there to hold me up.

I feel like catharsis is a moment where you are more spirit than body. It’s almost like shedding a skin. Post-cathartic moment, I always feel very free and very quiet. And while maddening displays of incredible emotion are not my favorite thing, those free and quiet moments are few and far between. And I think we need more of them.

Sometimes you have to tell the truth in a big big way. And sometimes, like for me, it was to myself. And in other times, it’s to other people. Life is short. Drop the excess baggage be it grief or anger or envy or regret. Guilt. Whatever. They are non-functioning entities. And they are toxic.

I can only speak from personal experience, but you have to face the truth sometimes and while that can be painful, it’s always the best path to take. And sometimes you have to leave some people behind who are content to play in a big old mud puddle. You’ve got some cleaner rehydrating to do.


One thought on “Smart Water and Catharsis: A weak metaphor

  1. Sometimes, the whole world around you seems to track the mud from said puddle all into your house, making a big ol’ mess, and then leave you to clean up all their messes. Yeah. I think I need some more Smart Water.

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