As long as there’s a record deal, we’ll always be friends (Thanks, Nick).

Okay so Nick’s comment yesterday…(I’d link it, but I’m lazy) got me to thinkin’.

I think I discovered my blog’s purpose. Nick mentioned that I’m sort of detailing what it’s like to live as an artist. And I think he’s right. Sure, it’s colored by my own personal hobbies and lifestyle. Anyhoo, I’m starting to realize that after nearly five years in this Big Shouldered City, I might have a some tips and advice that might come in handy for someone in the arts. For example my cheap dryer sheets. What? 3 bucks buys a beer on special, right? And your skirt won’t ride up at that audition. Just don’t forget to tip, dear. You may ask, the waitress or the director? Whatever it takes, honeylamb.

Anyway, this is a unique city and sometimes the general theatre world advice doesn’t always apply. And while I’m not gracing the stage of the Albert, I think I’ve really started to find my way around here. So I think I just might be able to give you a little strange but helpful advice. And trust me, if I think of an idea and it fails miserably, I’ll let you know. (I.e. Knowing what latkes ARE doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to make them.)

Anyway, that’s all I want to say for now. This was going to be tomorrow’s post, but see…I’m starting the Big Clean tomorrow and I know I will want to talk about that. (I’m making Lavender soft scrubber tonight, dear.) OR I will procrastinate on the company calendar and you won’t hear from until next week. Try to sit back and relax with that one on your mind, lovers.


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