So I’m trying to decide what I want this blog to be. I’m mean, ultimately, it’s a thinkin’ out loud journal, but I don’t want it just to be a recollection of my day. Why would you want to read that? I don’t want to read that. I was there.

I mean, I definitely need to examine theatre because it’s what I do, and in the whole scheme of things…it’s kind of a wierd thing to do. BUT I also escape from theatre by sewing and knitting and making things with essential oils and watching old movies and wearing aprons and napping. I promise not to blog too much about napping.

I’m not trying to write a manifesto here. In fact, I find mission statements pretty annoying when it seems like it was written because it had to be. Theatres do this. Lots of “we want to illuminate and reflect upon the human experience….through our work we will examine what it means to be alive….” blah blah blah. I may have covered this in the past, but reason number 3,452 why I shouldn’t pursue artistic direction. No board would be overly amused by my drawing nasty little cartoons of them saying things like, “Bibbidy boo, I like to waste time” and things like that. It’s also, I feel, why companies haven’t been chompin’ at the bit to make me a member. It’s cool. I may in fact fare better as a free-lancer. I mean…I’m not going to be good at doing your marketing. I’m not going to be very successful at educating young people. We’ve already discussed how I might be a problem at the helm. I have no business sense. Basically, I’m good with the actual stage. So hire me to be on it, or put people on it. That’s what I do. Mad love and respect to people who have business sense, but even my lemonade stands were never successful. My idea of expanding was picking flowers off my Mom’s hyacinth bush and putting them into ziplocks I then filled with water. If people didn’t want them (and why would they?) I just gave it to them because I didn’t want them either. So I’m not going to be one to drag in the cash at the box office.

I mean, look at how I try to build a resume: Here’s what I don’t do.

What am I trying to say here?

Okay, here’s what I want this blog to be: Honest (I can’t give you a no exaggeration or hyperbole guarantee, but I feel very strongly that theatre has so much potential. It’s time to be honest about the blah. I actually think there is more value in REALLY bad theatre than so so theatre. Because how entertaining Plan 9 from Outer Space?) Okay so honest. #1. I don’t mean I’m going to be reviewing stuff. It is so readily apparent that what I look for in a show is far from universal. I just mean I really want to celebrate what’s really cool. Like World Theatre Day. I mean, how cool was it to just be in the same room with everybody? It was like a reunion of people you actually WANT to see. Imagine that. A yearly get together. Not like an awards show. Not a pat on the back. Just a moment in time where we get to be with other people who do what we do. Almost like a conference but without schedules and all that boring conference stuff. Because when do creative people do their best work? When they are just together. When they can inspire each other. Alright so there’s that.


What was I talking about? Oh right. What I want this blog to be. Okay so
#1. Honest
#2. Huh…maybe that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Huh

  1. So I started blogging again myself. I stopped cuz I was like, “Who the fuck wants to read what I think blah blah blah” nonsense. For me, though, it’s good to blog, good to write innocuous thoughts about my life and the things I love, good to write something other than emails and 2nd Story stories, just to get good practice. Ultimately, I post it public cuz I figure it’s for me, but other folks might like it too.

    I would encourage you to continue what you’re doing here. I think it’s a pretty worthwhile look at the actual life of a normal artist. Also, you’re funny. So there’s that.

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