The calm before the dust storm

Well, my Fuller’s Earth isn’t going to come in in time for Spring cleaning. I’ll have to weigh my options.

Anyhoo, I made my own all-purpose cleaner last night which I accidentally spilled into the crevices on our coffee table and damned if it didn’t clean up the dirt! So that works. It smells lovely too.

I also found a 30 pack of sponges that works out to 13 cents per sponge! That’s a deal kids. And the label maker has been humming.

But it’s so damn cold! I wanted to have the windows open!!!!

Anyway, most of my preparation is complete. I just need to find an old pair of pants so I can clean in them. I’m sure Will has something. I certainly don’t.

The guy at 5/3 today chided me on my crumply ten dollar bill. “How long has that been in your pocket?” he says. So I said, “I just got it from Walgreens.” And he said, “They handed it to you like that? That’s terrible.” And then I didn’t say anything. Because while I got it at Walgreens, I crumpled it up while I was walking to 5/3. Spring-cleaning is off to a rocky and embarrassing start.

I’ll pass along any tips I can muster that are cheap and work well. I also found a lovely quote from the 1600’s I’m going to paint and hang at the top of the stairs.

Right now I’m still on the lookout for white cotton gloves. You can put lotion on your hands, put on the white cotton gloves and then put on the rubber gloves and you get a little manicure while you clean. They also double as blind dusters. But I can’t find them. So if you know where to get them, say a handbell convention, you let me know.

On the theatre front, I have a bit of a pause until next weekend. Likely I shall fill it with Dolly Parton movies.


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