A trip to the library

To answer my question from yesterday, I would have started going to the Harold Washington Library earlier. A LOT earlier. I’ll be honest, it scared me a little. Even though Miami’s King Library is very impressive, you get little orientations on how to use it. My hometown library was/is staffed by a combination of friends of my mother, my high school best friends, and basically a whole bunch of other people I know. And it has a cat. So Harold Washington intimidated me. A lot. From it’s monolith facade to it’s learing gargoyles to the fact that it has an el stop all it’s own left me feeling like I would have a difficult time locating a copy of the latest Nevada Barr novel on the 7th floor.

But finally, one day hmmm…two years ago? A year and a half? I sucked up the courage to face my fears and it is now my favorite place in the entire city! From the winter garden to the practice rooms to the 4th and 6th floors. Plus the 7th! AGH! I just love it. I LOVE IT. I need to take a Saturday and go wander around in there all day.

So I would tell myself, “Print out the self-tour from the library website and get your butt into Harold Washington.”

I don’t know what happens to me in there. The minute I walk in the door I get this sense of …belonging. Of home. Of wonder and curiosity. Flowery, sure, but…okay here’s the thing. For awhile I thought, maybe I want to go to grad school. I miss learning stuff! But now I know I just am a giant bookworm and I want to be the one in charge of picking out the books. And the interlibrary loan system is FANTASTIC!

I don’t want to seem like I hadn’t stepped foot in a library since moving here. I’ve been to the Logan Square library many a time. But it was Harold Washington that seemed this unapproachable thing. I was picturing scenes from Ghostbusters in those large echoey halls in the New York Public Library. I remembered in middle school when my aunt took me and my cousin to BGSU’s (Bowling Green State University) library to research our science products and marvelling at the librarian and how she just KNEW where stuff was. I’ve said in the past I’m not good with numbers. This included at one time the Library of Congress and Dewey decimal systems.

Hmmm…maybe that’s why I don’t like dystopian stuff. Everybody’s always labeled with a number.

Well, anyway, so that’s entry number 1 in things I wish I had done more 5 years ago.


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