Snooze button

I’m having one of those days where I stumble out of bed, slap on some concealer, get to work and THEN check to see if I am wearing pants. (I am.)

I have to tell you I feel a little overwhelmed. It really seems to me that most theatre people can handle the day job/Real job thing. And I do it. But I usually end up sacrificing healthy diet, excercise and showers. Along with clean clothes, and making the bed and wearing outfits that require ironing (which seems like not a big deal, and isn’t…really…it’s just that I LIKE those things.) But I also like theatre and I know that rehearsal = sacrifice. What I don’t understand is why some people can show up to rehearsal looking fresh and ready and like they didn’t just overeat prepackaged sandwiches from 7-11. And then they volunteer to stay after and I’m thinking MY GOD I have to SLEEP! So I ask, how do you guys do it?!

I’m needy. I need a lot of sleep, a lot of food, a lot of compliments, and a lot of soft and natural fabrics in colors I like. I need cats, and books and a cute husband and ample time to take things in and plan. A pillow would be nice too. And some ambient and flattering lighting.

See, I know this girl. She’s an enigma to me. She belongs to like 37 theatre companies and holds as many positions and does shows and markets them and somehow shows up to meetings all be it maybe a little late. How does she do it? If you ask her, she just laughs it off and hands you a postcard or ten for her next show. And then I say something like…ooh, well, see I switched bags and my postcards are in the other one. But I’ll email you! (This, of course, would be when we are both at an audition in which she will get called back and I won’t.)

I, on the other hand, do not belong to a theatre company. Rather I am friends with a few. I have rehearsal today, tomorrow and wednesday and I am cancelling my doctor’s appointment on Thursday because I know that if I don’t, I will end up not showing up and paying the fee anyway. Because sometimes it’s all too much for me.

It takes a little effort for me to admit all of this because I am surrounded by calendar heroes. People who manage to do it all, and keep up with the current events of others doing it all. They design and blog and direct and read plays and go to plays and raise children and have dayjobs (with more responsibility than mine) and plan seasons and have company meetings. I, on the other hand, am right now trying to figure out how I can get someone to pick me up at the theatre building at 10:30 because the thought of waiting on the Belmont bus is stressing me out.

Now, let me say this. What I am rehearsing for is fun, and the people I’ve met so far are very talented and entertaining and I’m looking forward to seeing how this project progresses (we’re doing 5, ten-minute original mini-musicals written for us, and we will be along for the whole process from first draft to last and all the fun in between. It’s really cool and I’m honored to be a part of it.)

But why do I need more than these guys to function? And how do they do it? Is there some manual you guys read on how to live multiple lives? Do you have that time-turner thing McGonagal gave Hermione? What’s the monthly subscription fee on that?

I’ve talked about why I won’t join Twitter from the perspective of those who would be bored by my tweets. I also shouldn’t join Twitter because my first post would be: WHOA! Slow down everybody! One at a time please! Okay, Senator Durbin, go ahead. What’s shakin’ with your schedule today? Thank you, and you, XX blogger from Slate? What injustices are we suffering today (I don’t mean that sarcastically. I have a hard time finding them on my own.) Then I would say, quit abbreviating everything! You’re abusing the language!

Maybe I should go back to letter writing. Everybody likes letters! But then I would stress about mailing them, and by the time they got to you, you’d say “What am I supposed to do with an outdated Christmas card in June?” Hang on to it, and assume it’s so early I REALLY have my shit together.

Except I stopped sending Christmas cards because they were stressing me out.

You know what I’d be good at? Being an Oracle. Like at Delphi. Stack of books. Some snacks, and dolin’ out the advice. The theatre Oracle of Logan Square. Priestess Betsy at your service. The doctor is in. Helping out the theatre community while not sacrificing clean sheets. All in a day’s work.

But really guys, I’m asking: How do you do it?


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