A Note from a Church Mouse to all the other Church Mice

Go check out storefront rebellion today. I just love him. So right on, brother Vire.

I would hasten to add isn’t that why Nick Keenan worked so hard to get the show calendar going? Why aren’t we looking beyond our own noses? It’s a good question.

I know that Kris wasn’t necessarily gunning for all new work or anything, and neither am I. But I know there is the general belief that “new work doesn’t make money.” NONE of it makes money, kids. Spend time doing what you want to do.

Anyway, just noting a very worthwhile blog read.

No other news here. Plugging away at TBC this week. Shoving the occasional elbow into a 20-year-old or two as they perform their showcases. Not to be a grumpy old lady…oh what the hell…To All Soon to be Graduates of Performance Programs looking to the Chicago area; When someone says “Exscuse me,” as they try to get around your annoying little figure, note that the person attempting to be polite to you may in fact be someone you will be working with in the future. And check out a couple theatre’s websites before you do a meet and greet. Namely because that lady you are disinterestedly speaking to is the artistic director of a theatre that some actors, namely me, would be very honored to be a part of/work with, etc. Plus, you’re making me late to get back to rehearsal after break. Yes, I may look like I’ve had a long day (and I have) and that sweatshirt I’m wearing may be from my high school days (it is) but that’s only because I’ve been WORKING so I haven’t had time to put together a cute outfit like yours. So no, I may not look overly impressive this week. I save it for shows….and I remember faces…ya little shit.


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