A Note

I think I’m going to come up with a soundtrack for a Rhinestone World. It won’t play or anything while you’re reading my blog. Mainly because I’m too lazy to figure out how to do that, and most of my entries would require some form of circus music anyway.

But I do think I’m going to come up with a play list.

You see, I have a very sensitive and emotional connection to music. If I’m too high strung, I can’t even listen to it. For example, after a hard goodbye with my family, I need NPR. Comedians. NO MUSIC. It’s too emotional for me. I get physical reactions to certain music. It ranges from goosebumps to actual pain. So needless to say, what I listen to and when are sometimes difficult decisions for me. While I love the song “Ohio” by Over the Rhine, it’s actually rare that I can listen to it. I actually get an endorphin release with particular harmonies.

This is a very difficult thing for me to describe. Not emotionally. It’s just very difficult to put into words. And I haven’t really bumped into anyone who has this. I’ve had panic attacks actually spurned by music. Movies too, but not to that degree. My theory is that movies leave less of the interpretation up to your brain. Music paints its own pictures. This isn’t to say if you play Danny Elfman’s Breakfast Song I’m going to burst into tears. Or that I’ll lose control or something. I’ll just say that it’s happened. I choke up when singing 9-5. And not just because it’s Dolly. There is a certain type of phrasing that when belted, like a punch in the stomach, knocks a physical reaction out of me. Maybe it’s soul. I don’t know. But if I ever seem a little hyper about music, that would be why. It may not make any sense, but in short, it’s a very powerful entity and one I use with caution.

Don’t worry, I won’t chop off my ear and it give to a crush. But sometimes you kinda get why artists go nuts.

What was my point? Oh yeah. Playlist. Comin’ soon.


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