Diddy wah diddy

There’s a small part of me that sort of wishes I could somehow always live during 1994 on some campus in Vermont during the summer with long hair and rippy jeans and boys that look like Eddie Vedder. I just don’t think I like Rusted Root enough.

Funny thing, though. I have many friends who would contend that I like Rusted Root too much. And I’m not in love with them or anything.

I think my point is that it’s been cold for basically six months and I am willing to live an alternative lifestyle if that’s what it takes to get a little sun up in this thang, y’all. And if that means I have to time travel back to summers in the early nineties when I remember being warm and lazy, then so be it. I added Vermont for color. But any Ohio college campus will do. Yes, I was 13 at the time. But I went to camps at colleges. And watched the Eddie Veddery boys and layed on the grass and got hives. Much like now. But it was WARM.

I mean I am basically so summer-sick I am craving hippies playing djembes and smelling other people’s b.o. I don’t care. I need heat from the actual sun. I need to wear sundresses. I need to get out of the shower, braid my hair and leave the house. I don’t want to layer. I am sick of seeing people’s turd coats on the street. The reason that I live in the Midwest is the same reason I don’t live in Florida. I like FOUR seasons. And it has been winter since November. Not part of the deal.

Alright. There.

Alright, so I said something about a playlist. Yeah…I’ll get around to it. What I want to do is come up with a playlist for wandering around pretty places in Spring weather, but I just can’t do it. Should we be surprised I can’t stay off the Blues channels on Pandora? Little Pink Anderson is the only one that can sing my tune right now. Irma Thomas is the only girl I understand. Leadbelly talk to me baby, tell me all about it. I need people shoutin lyrics that rhyme bunion and onion.

I have a theory, however. I’m going to wallow in the blues….and then my transition will be Leon Redbone. He’s undoubtedly blues…but he’s so damn happy about it. C’mon Leon, help me bring in the Spring.


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