What do I do?

This isn’t a question of, HEre’s my situation: What do I do? I mean quite literally…what is that I DO?

Theatre can be a catch-all for creative types. It’s all the arts combined into one big…thing. If you can paint, we’ve got a spot for you. Sew? Fabulous. Dance, c’mon in. Sing, have a seat. Play an instrument? Great. Sculpt? Interesting…we’ll find something.

I’m most definitely a creative type. I’m not so good at music theory, but I definitely can make my way around an art department. I think it’s partially why I dig Viewpoints so much. It just seems to utilize everything. Sometimes, when I’m holding a script and blocking a scene I feel like I’m the right world, but the wrong room. Does that make any sense?

I’m missing a groove. I know I’m an artist. I know I like making art but sometimes I feel like there is this veil over MY art. What is it? This is a little vague and wierd, but I’ve been reading a novel about Lechuguilla cave, so forgive me. ANyway, I feel like I’m dipping a toe in the right cave pool, but my headlamp’s out and I can’t see where I’m going…

It’s not an unhappy place to be, and it’s not exactly stagnant. It’s more static. A whole bunch of energy in one place and no place to put it.

I don’t like being so non-specific and odd but it’s where I am. Where do I put my art, y’all? I’ve got a whole list of I know it’s not this’s…

For example: Not grad school. Check.

Maybe I’m just one of those malcontents. No…that’s not right. Mal= bad…this isn’t bad. I’m not unhappy. I’m…I don’t know.

In other news, I have a music suggestion. Lupe Fiasco’s Go Go Gadget Flow. It’s perfect for a perfect spring day in Chicago.


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