What feels right

It’s a coupla posts kinda day.

I read this quote this morning, “The major problem in dealing with…instinct and intuition, is that they are covered over and distorted for most of us by our conditioning, which masquerades as instinctual impulses. We belittle and denigrate women’s intuition as something spacey and inferior to pure reason.” (Vicki Noble, Shakti Woman)

As you’ve probably gathered, I am a BIG believer in women’s intuition…well…intuition in general, actually. And I believe the previous statement is true. Think it’s floaty and “spacey” all you want, but I know it is real. And I really and truly believe the world would be a better place if we listened to it. Made use of it. I do in my own life, but I struggle on how to take it to the next level.

As with most areas of life, I do feel we can take a cue from animals. I don’t see humans as superior to animals…1. Because we are animals. Think about it. Do birds act in a particular way before there is a storm? Yes. Horses too. Sometimes even dogs and cats. Is it all “intuition?” No…not exactly. Our olfactory perception is way less evolved than say a cat, so while it may “smell like rain” to us…it may reek of atmostpheric disturbance to other animals. Andy Avalos of NBC 5 isn’t going to be standing under a tree saying, “Hey squirrel. Take cover.”

My point is, I think we often ignore our own built-in warning signals. And also our built-in encouragement signals. Sometimes the only thing stopping you from doing something exciting is being overly rational. And that’s a shame.


2 thoughts on “What feels right

  1. Speaking of what feels right and Viggo Mortensen did you see A Perfect Murder? Reow….rrrrrrreeeee-OW.

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