The Fountain

Prepare to clutch your significant other and snot all over their tshirt.

I watched the movie The Fountain. It is hitting my nominations for Betsy’s Alternative Top 100 faster than other movie. This movie is about love and death. Doesn’t get much bigger than that! And yet it’s told through two people. One couple. Throughout time. It is so fabulous and the best part? Darren Aronosfsky grew up!

I’ve always been off and on with Darren Aronofosky. Visually speaking, the man is a genius. His timing and use of sound is profound to say the least. But his themes have been a little post-collegiate angsty for me. Requiem for a Dream is a work of Art. With a lot of holes. And yet, his work introduced me to Kronos Quartet, so I’m grateful for that.

Anyhoo, this movie stars Rachel Weisz (Aronosfky’s real life wife…what is with my inadvertent rhyming today? wife life sound profound…) I don’t know if they were married during the filming or not, but I think it’s fairly rare we actual see a muse through the director’s eyes. We do in this movie. This movie is about love. REAL love. And death. And eternity. It is absolutely fabulous. I did have a couple historical issues with one particular section, but it pales in comparison to the message.

I highly recommend it. It asks a little more out of the viewer than the average movie, but don’t all the good ones? I think it’s saying, “Go with me on this, guys.” You will be grandly rewarded if you do.


One thought on “The Fountain

  1. I saw this last year, and it affected me more than any other movie I have ever seen. I cried for an hour straight after seeing it, because I had no other way to express what it made me feel. It has become one of my favorite movies. I’m glad to hear you liked it also.

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