It starts with Perfume

I’m going to have painters behind me all day fixing signage. (Signage is a word I never knew until I started working in the corporate world.) And here’s the thing. I kinda wanna help. I sort of love painting. It’s kind of zen. And seeing a wall change color by hand is kind of cool, and totally changes the vibe of the room. I’m actually pretty excited about this paint job. If I heard the plans correctly (they are still puttying and sanding, so I don’t know) then my wall is going to go from bland beige (not even beige. Eggshell.) to a navy blue. Like a little night sky behind me. Sure, I’m going to want to take wite-out and dot little stars on it, but I will hold back. (Still…how neat would that look?)

Space cadet project of the moment: I found a book called Visioning. You make collages to focus on what you want out of life, and lo and behold, behind old phone books and fed ex packaging lay my old bridal magazines. I have been tearing the shit out of them. While the pictures aren’t that helpful (in that I had a dream wedding), the words are pretty sappy and romantic so they will come in handy. These old Sports Illustrateds on the other hand…well, I’m keeping an open mind. I don’t particularly want to manifest linebackers in my life, but then a little muscle tone wouldn’t be bad either. I also have some back issue Wall Street Journals, a Redeye, and at lunch I’ll grab a Reader. I also picked up a National Geographic Adventure magazine (it’s not that I’m trying to have a bear in my life, per se. It’s that I’d like to see one from a safe distance…) and a copy of Decks, Porches, and Patios because who doesn’t want a deck, porch or patio?

In other news, I watched the movie Perfume last night. I ended up really liking it, but that’s not the point. I had sort of planned a beauty night (weekly or monthly ritual) where I was going to pluck my eyebrows (I did. And how. I looked mildly perplexed today…I kind of overdid it.) and generally slap on lotions and potions and eat pasta salad because Will doesn’t like it and he was watching the Bull’s game at Nick and Jay’s. So basically, it was a Betsy night. I did such a bad job on my eyebrows, sidebar, that when I heard him come in the door, I leaped into bed and pretended I was asleep so that he couldn’t see what a mess I had made out of my face.

I had a point.

Uhhhhhh….Beauty night, Perfume….ah!

So anyway, this girl in the movie had gorgeous long curls, and while my hair is not as long as hers, nor a beautiful auburn, it is naturally curly. So I thought, hell. Why not glam it up!? So I put on my favorite at home outfit (sexy white tshirt and black dance pants…yes, it’s my old studio uniform but I dug it before then so thbrrrrtttt…) and washed my hair and pincurled it for the most definition and effect.
By the end of the night, I looked like a super-surprised, sallow and over-grown Shirley Temple with boobs.
But I did have some nice pasta salad.
I’m trying again tonight. This time NO pincurls. Natural curl only, and perhaps not a murder movie on the side.


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