Requirements to Thrive

There’s a book, and I don’t even know the title, but it’s a list of 127 essential items that you need. Nina Garcia also wrote a book about the 100 essential wardrobe items you need. Nina Garcia wears fur, so my nose is already stuck in the air at that idea. Anyhoo, the word “essential” is tricky for me. I mean, ultimately, you need air, water, clothing, shelter, and food to survive. Maybe a medication or two, if you have a chronic ailment (Helllooo inhaler), but c’mon Nina. I think we can all get by without a trench coat.

But thriving, now that is an interesting concept. What is essential in YOUR life, how you live? Will, for example, needs Sports. That is a highlight of his day. If I’m at a ballgame, sure I care what’s happening. BUT if I’m not, then I don’t. Unless my own personal home weather is affected and thankfully, since it’s not football season, it rarely is. Although I do keep up with the Cub’s schedule for parking purposes.

What was I talking about?

Ah yes. My essentials to thrive. In no particular order (AND I would LOVE to hear yours)

1. A journal. Now, I don’t journal in the “Dear Diary” sense. I just need a journal to write down books I want to read, music I like, things I need to do, places I want to check out. And occasionally a run down of how I feel about things. It is by no means a formal record of anything. And that was key for me. Just a place to jot.
2. Coffee. Sometimes decaf. Sometimes regular. It’s like a comfort food to me.
3. Sunglasses. I like how they look, sure, but I also have had this horrendous and yet benign growth on the back of my eye requiring that I use decent sunglasses. I’m not even joking. My eye doctor said she’d never seen it in anyone other than migrant workers. What I’m looking for now is a vintage pair of cat glasses I can have made into sunglasses. This is turning out to be incredibly difficult.
4. Contacts. I am blind as a bat. Really.
5. Glasses. For when the contacts get hurty.
6. T-shirt. I have very specific requirements of tshirts. They have to hang a certain way, be a certain softness. Sometimes I cut the neck out. But a daily ritual for me is changing out of my work clothes into a tshirt.
7. Tweezers. While I may overuse them, underuse would be a more serious crime.
8. Cocoa butter lotion.
9. Some sort of meditation mp3. It really…chills me out…
10. A pen.
11. Cell phone.
12. Keys and CTA card.
13. Kleenexes and Hankies
14. Zyrtec
15. Inhaler (or Advair)
16. Birth control.
17. A Book.
18. My notebook of important stuff. Budget, passwords, doctor’s info, vets, my huge list of things I’d like to get done…
19. Workout plan (Not always utilized, but still)
20. Concealer, powder and mascara
21. Some form of perfume or spray.
22. Hair band
23. Earrings
24. Weddin’ ring
25. Wallet
26. Big huge bag
27. Altoids
28. My lil’ bag of stuff. This has a pair of socks, a hair thing, deoderant, and a gym lock.
29. Earphones. I don’t always carry my Ipod, but earphones I need to listen to goofy videos people send me at work and Pandora. Also the tv’s at the gym, although apparently not everyone likes to watch SVU with me.
30. ID
31. Phone charger
32. Bubble beverages. ANything from seltzer to champagne.
33. A mirror.
34. Knitting. I really recommend it. It’s soothing, it’s productive, it’s fun.
35. Jammies.
36. Cheese
37. Bread
38. Kitties
39. Salt
40. Denim
41. Satin
42. Sparkle
43. Lavender essential oil
44. Dishwashing liquid. (Concentrated)
45. Two washcloths
46. Baking soda
47. Two toothbrushes
48. An iron
49. Gin. Not cheap and not Bombay or Beefeater.
50. Water
51. Spray bottle
52. White vinegar
53. Scissors
54. Computer
55. Candle
56. Matches
57. Oil burner
58. Tea tree essential oil
59. Bandaids.
60. Floss
61. Heels
62. Flip flops
63. Tennis shoes
64. Eyedrops
65. Thread
66. Needle
67. Duct tape
68. Library card
69. Hairspray
70. Smith’s Rosebud Balm
71. Calendar
72. All Bran (sigh)
73. Epipen. I don’t think this is essential, but Will makes me carry it.
74. Black or brown kohl eyeliner
75. Little black dress
76. Good bra
77. Advil
78. Apron
79. Big enormous cookbook from my mom.
80. Toile. In any form.
81. Blanket (preferably fuzzy leopard print)
82. Blanket (my baby blanket)
83. Pillow with high tc case
84. Little baby blanket for kitties
85. Cat carrier
86. Large cooking pot
87. Tea
88. Honey
89. Mug
90. Spoon
91. Ribbon
92. Lamp (Not a fan of overhead lighting)
93. A long and luxurious piece of fabric
94. Safety pin
95. Neti pot
96. Credit card
97. Enormous glass bowl
98. Empty bottle
99. Wooden spoon
100. INsurance card
101. Swiss army knife (sephora’s version does in a pinch..)
102. Transistor Radio (once a Midwesterner, always a midwesterner)
103. Flashlight
104. Old jewelry box
105. Pcitures of fam
106. Sheet music
107. Glue
108. Envelope
109. Baby wipes
110. Pretzels
111. Butter
112. Mustard
113. Basket
114. Tea Towel
115. Measuring cup
116. Baggies
117. Beach Towel
118. Olive oil
119. Chicken broth
120. Onions
122. Some form of canned tomato
123. Eggs
124. Spice rack (Will and I made it)
125. Sewing machine
126. Notions
127. Sewing table and chair

I could get by on that. What do you need?


2 thoughts on “Requirements to Thrive

  1. Oh my god. These are the things that you need to survive?! It is a rather copious list. Alas, you have given me the topic for my blog. But I do think you could nix the long piece of luxurious fabric. But it’s you we’re talking about, so nevermind.

  2. Check Etsy (search the vintage category) for cat glasses. I think there may even be a seller there who turns them into sunglasses.

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