Elizabeth Morgan, certified BS-er

I am in a cast of actors wherein one of the actors is a Master Knitter of the Knitting Guild of America. She has a pin and everything. I am fascinated by this and very interested in the prospect, but there is SO much to learn. You get judged and have to pass different levels. I would just love to be certified in something. I was certified in CPR for awhile. I guess I could renew that.

I never wanted to be certified in stage combat. Not my thing. Obviously, public accounting wouldn’t be something for me. What other certifications can you get? I’ve considered EMT-b. Maybe Red Cross first aid? You can become a certified sewing educator. Too bad there isn’t a Viewpoints certification, but then in a way…that would sort of be completely against the idea of Viewpoints.

What other wierd certifications do you know? I’m curious what is out there. If you google certifications, it usually ends up being IT stuff and that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking certified trapeze instructor. Master sommelier. That sort of thing. I want to be able to say, check this pin out: I am a Certified Apron Expert from the Apron Guild of America. Master Nacho Taster. Certified alternative film list maker…


2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Morgan, certified BS-er

  1. You can be a notary, like me. My sensei (a third dan black belt) allegedly had to register with the state becasue he’s a certified human weapon. I dont have that from the weapon’s mouth though.
    But you’re my certified BFF. Awwwwwww.
    And they are talking about a Viewpoints certification! Apparently, they want to establish official instructors becasue there are so many rogue faker-types.

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