A NEW you in three weeks! 2 steps to rock hard abs! Does he like you? Answer: Yes! What he really means when he says, “I think I’m going to hang out with my friends.”

He means he’s going to hang out with his friends. That’s what he means.

About a year ago…maybe longer, I made a concerted effort to stop buying fashion magazines. Mainly this was because I was dropping 5 bucks on a daily basis, and I needed to save money. But it has actually benefitted me in myriad ways beyond the occasional five bucks.

1. My favorite fashion mag, although my favor has waned (due to a disproportianate rise in pleated pants and frumpy sandals) is Lucky. The reason I have always enjoyed Lucky has been two-fold. 1. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is, about shopping. No stupid articles. No repeat sex tips (seriously, Cosmo. One new tip and I would be impressed.) Just clothes and shoes and makeup. 2. Lucky provides examples of the latest styles in many different price ranges. One of my favorite little spurges was whatever new makeup product showed up in Jean Godfrey June’s beauty editorial section (and I still use John Frieda hair miracle AND tarte’s cheek stain *smile*). And sure, I usually buy the fall fashion issue of Lucky and Vogue more out of tradition than anything else. BUT by seriously curbing my purchasing of these magazines, I’ve somehow developed a wardrobe I actually LIKE, and I’m not spending as much money stocking up on lipglosses…AS MUCH money. I’m no Amy Dacyczn. You’re not going to see me using a coat hanger as a toilet paper holder. I see a place in life for little luxuries. Just not whatever one is being touted by a magazine. It smacks of pay offs by interested parties, anyway.
Now, I’m not condemning fashion mags by any means. THey are fun, they pass time spent in an airport (although I do prefer a book), and I’ll admit. They CAN be informative. I knew who the Taliban was way before September 11 thanks to a Glamour article about oppressed women in Afghanistan. AND fashion mags are an important vehicle for up to date women’s health and birth control information which is still seriously lacking in cultural acceptance. Say it together everyone, VAGINA. So I’m not looking to remove them from the shelves. I just had to put them in the “special treat” section of my budget which means no subscriptions, no monthly purchase. The fall issues basically do it for me, plus I always grab a couple for vacations.
Certainly I could go on about my issues with female body image being pumped up via self-help article, and then being ripped away via bikini ad on the next page. But rather than protest, I usually just don’t purchase. (Plus, if I need to read US weekly, I just go down the street to a friend’s who has a subscription and use their bathroom…that’s where they keep it.)
But last week, having checked out the book Visioning from the library, I was about to embark upon a collage and I was plumb out of magazines. While pondering my situation at my desk (I really didn’t want to spend 20 dollars on pictures I was going to cut up) I sat back and wondered, “When was the last time I had a ton of magazines?” My wedding. Hmmmm…what ever happened to those? Didn’t I …Ah ha! And there they were, pile up pile of wedding magazines lodged behind useless yellow pages at my desk at work. I have now thrown them into the recycling bin and they have been taken away, but they definitely served a new purpose. However, being wedding magazines, the focuse was certain subjects (romance, dresses, etc.) and I needed some more variety. So I decided to allow myself two magazines purchases. But what to buy? Habit sent me towards Vogue and Lucky. But artist said, “You need different pictures.” So I dug around and ended up purchasing a National Geographic Adventure and a Backyards magazine. I had a few knitting and apron mags at home (shut up) and a couple fitness mags in my desk, so I was able to come up with a pretty nice selection of photographs. I’m not done with the collage yet, but it’s been really fun so far.
I guess my point is that something that begins to strike you as pointless can someday be repurposed as useful. I finally answered the question NOW what I am gonna do with all these wedding mags????
Funny thing is, a couple days after pitching the repurposed magazines into the recycling, my cousin got engaged. So, if the idea of pitching a stack something into the trash is making you slightly ill, sometimes you find the weirdest reasons to keep them.


3 thoughts on “A NEW you in three weeks! 2 steps to rock hard abs! Does he like you? Answer: Yes! What he really means when he says, “I think I’m going to hang out with my friends.”

  1. I knwo I’m going a it off topic, but were you a Seventeen girl, or a YW girl? Or niether? I was a Seventeen girl, because Krissy told me YM was for the less classy. Until I found a pile of YM’s in her room. Can you believe it? I read YM compulsively after that.

    Where do you stand on Vanity Fair? You know I love Vanity Fair. Which I think is actually less about fashion and more about politics and global society. And actresses. And the Proust Questionerre.

  2. Even further off topic…have you noticed the very tiny smiley face at the very bottom of this page? Is that freaking anyone else out?

  3. A. Leslie! I had never noticed the smiley before. That is creepy. Big Brother might be watching us all…

    B. How I agree with this blog. The women-focused magazine industry is an evil machine, designed to tell us how great and unique we are – or rather, we COULD be, if only we’d give away our individuality and spend our money to be just like everyone else. It’s a vicious cycle, and though I try not to fall prey – I often do. However, I’ve tried to curb my addiction to Glamour and switch to magazines like Women’s Health and even Self, which I sometimes feel at least have something to say (Kind of live Dove products – I know they’re an evil beauty company like all the rest, but maybe they have a soul?)

    I know for a fact I have a Glamour, a Self, and a.. Cosmo.. in the bottom of my “junk” drawer. C’est la vie.

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