Mental Leftovers

You ever accidentally verbally overreact to something and then stick with the overreaction rather than say, “Wow. That came out really loud and screamy. I didn’t mean that.” For example, Will says, “I’m giving Matt and Stef our grill.” And I say, “WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?” Let me add that we don’t have easy outside access and the grill has been sitting unused for over a year. It’s clutter. We don’t need it. Matt and Stef SHOULD have the grill. So, of course, Will says, “Uhhh…is this a problem?” And I should say, “No no. I just kind of overemphasized there. Heh.” But I don’t. I think, if I admit I have no control over my volume and emphasis, I’m going to be embarrassed. So I say in a blustery tone, “Well…I mean…I GUESS…Coulda CHECKED with ME first, but that’s fine. That’s fine…” I should add this conversation occurred completely in the dark. We were laying bed. No lights on.

Long pause.

“I didn’t think it would be a prob-”
“It’s not!”
“You seem upset.”
“I do seem upset.”
“Are you upset?”
And thus begins Marital Meisner.

I will make an absolute jackass out of myself just to maintain consistency.

So now Will is afraid to mention the grill to me, when in fact I’m kind of set on getting rid of it now. BUT if I say, Hey? What about getting rid of the grill? He’ll think I mean, “Hey…what about getting rid of the GRILL!? Thought that was the plan, Stan (long disgusted sigh).”

That poor boy.

Ah well. Ce la Me, right!?

In other news, kind of a slow week in the Betsy Alternative Top 100 project. I watched The Mission and Mikey and Nicky.

Let’s start with The Mission. Unfortunately for Robert DeNiro and other makers of The Mission, my viewing was ill-timed. I’ve being reading about ancient Goddess religions in Central and South America and the systematic removal of the feminine and misrepresentation of the masculine in their cultures. Ergo, my sympathy toward the Jesuit priests attempting to convert these people, however well-intentioned, was on the low to non-existent side. I mean, I got that we were supposed to think the salve traders were The Bad Guys, and of course they were. But I don’t see how the Jesuits were much better. At the end I was like…okaaay. Yay Jesuits? I mean…wha? I don’t know. I didn’t like it. It was pretty revisionist.

Then I watched Mikey and Nicky. I had high hopes for this one. Written and directed by Elaine May? Peter Falk. John Cassavetes. How could I lose? Well, I didn’t “lose.” It’s a well-made film. A well made 70’s cinema verite. A genre I happen to dislike, generally speaking. It sort of evoked Midnight Cowboy, which on a performance level, is phenomenal. But that’s about where I stop. Great performances. Well done. Just not my style. Although…I would offer up Mikey and Nicky as an alternative to The French Connection. ANother movie I didn’t like. Dig Roy Scheider though. Hackman too.

I will say this…after watching The Birdcage and Primary Colors. Elaine May is talented and in a variety of ways. I know that’s like saying “Ice is cream is good.” No shit. What I mean is, the woman is an institution, and I really respect her. So maybe Mikey and Nicky makes it onto the list. I just didn’t like it. Yet, I think it’s “good.” Does that make sense? An important addition to the genre. Why must these self-inflicted projects be so complicated!?!?!

Up next: a film called Grand Canyon. I know very little about it, except it was used as a metaphor in a book I’m reading. Not a metaphor…an example. Anyway, sounded interesting. It has Danny Glover….maybe? I don’t know.

I’m obsessed with Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” at the moment. Yes, I’ve heard the Puppini Sisters version (which I also love) but it’s missing the etherealness (word?) of Bush’s version.

I made some progress on my Vision collage. It’s…well…overcrowded and overwhelming but very very good looking. Who could I compare that to? I just don’t know…

I’m kidding.

I’ve also been overlistening to Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright by Peter, Paul and Mary. It’s a wonderful song. I’d love to cover it myself. Maybe I’ll come up with a piano version this weekend.

On the book front, I’m consuming three at the present moment. Sacred Contracts, The New Feminine Brain, and The Codex. AKA New Age, Psychology, and Pulp Fiction. If I told you I wasn’t excited about the new Dan Brown book coming out, I’d be lying my face right off. I loved the Da Vinci Code. I loved Angels and Demons and I saw both on opening night. Screw it. They entertained me to no end. Think less of me all you want. I don’t care. I’m not a Dan Brown zealot. Digital Fortress is the only book I’ve rated 1-star on Good Reads. Blew. Donkeys. You know a book is bad when I give it to my Dad as a gift (I hadn’t read it yet) and the sweetest Dad in the world is like…read that book…whew.
I asked my Mom if I would like Watership Down. She said, “It’s violent in a rabbity way.” Like Bugs and Elmer? Or would that be “Wabbity Way?” As long as it’s bunnies killing bunnies, I can handle it. I just can’t handle PEOPLE killing bunnies.

And on that note, I take your leave.


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