The Anal Retentive Reader

If you shimmy down the right hand side of the page under, approriately “Pages”, you will find a new link entitled “Books”. I’m very excited about this addition. As you can see, I haven’t really gotten started yet, BUT I will be posting reads and what I thought about them. Generally, I’m thinking it will only be books I truly enjoyed. Not sure yet.

As with films, I also have a book list. However it is a little different. 1. It is not a list of books I love. It is a list of books that peaked my interest, and I would like to read. 2. It is, to say the least, intense. SERIOUSLY intense. I’m literally talking well over a thousand titles.

Here is an example:


Please ignore the blue blob to the side. Long story. Now, in my defense, I’ve been working on this document since 2005. It’s point is that when I hear a book title, I just pop into this document and type it in. BUT when I head off to the bookstore or library, I’m often in a particular mood so I include genre and subgenre. I know that technically- fiction and non-fiction are not “genres” per say, but it’s my document. So neener.

It’s also color coded. Yes it is. Pink means that when I heard about this book, I said “OOh ooh I want to read that!!!!!” Yellow means it is generally considered a “Classic”. If there were a green slot, which in this shot, there isn’t, that would mean I picked it up and started to read it, but never finished it, and yet I have interest in finishing it. Backlash by Susuan Faludie, for example. It’s a lot to take in, so I dabble in it occasionally.

The third column is where I include lines from reviews, amazon descriptions, friend descriptions, or my own assessment pre-read (Ex. Pendergast Series “Seriously.”) I also point myself in the right direction if the book was written in response to something I haven’t read or if it is a sequel, etc.

Psychotic? Possibly. BUT I am a voracious reader, and just jotting down titles on scrap pieces of paper was becoming unwieldy. So back in 2005, I started a Books to Read journal. However, since it was hand-written, it was hard to search for certain titles, genres, etc. Also, I write like a preschooler, so I couldn’t understand half of what I had written in the first place.

You’ll see tabs at the bottom that say “Books on Hold.” Books on hold are books I feel an academic obligation to read, but don’t particularly peak my interest OR I’ve lost interest in certain titles OR some books are instruction manuals or how-to’s on projects I’m not working on at the moment. Just books I want to keep in the back of my mind. Some Books on Hold are part of William’s collection that I know we own and will require very little effort in acquiring. Books on Hold is infinantly less searchable, and I actually rarely refer to it. BUT this is a fluid document. I edit it all the time. I used to keep track of female authors, my personal rating, etc. But it was cumbersome and I read quite a high percentage of female writers now (At the time of creating the document, I did not and was trying to encourage myself to do just that. It worked.)

Another tab is entitled “Books I’ve Read” This is not a totally encompassing list of all the books I have read. This is a list of books I’ve read since I started this list. I’m at about 90. That’s about a book every two weeks since I started the list. I don’t know why I feel the need to keep track of that, but I do. I also have a section where in an almost tweet fashion, I give my thoughts on the book. Sometimes it just says, “Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.” Sometimes it says, “BRILLIANT CHARACTERS! I SOBBED AT THE END.”

I also have a little slot called “Topics I’d like to research.” This sounds way more involved than it is. Basically it means that after reading a Peter Benchley book, I wanted to remind myself to look up pictures of moray eels and moray eel bites. Because I am a seven year old boy.

One thing I do now that I did not do in the past is denoting Season. You can’t see it on the screen shot, but it’s there. Some books are just meant to be read during the Autumn or near a certain holiday. Some are absolutely beach reads. I like to keep track of this. I am very much into setting. It just matters to me. If I’m reading a book about Antartica in July…it doesn’t feel right to me. Even if the book takes place in July. That’s a book I want to read in January.

You’ll also note that some books have no further details. These would be titles I wrote on the back of my hand and entered later. And then I can’t remember why I wanted to read it.

I’m not telling you this so that you realize how intensely strange I am. I’m telling you this because I take the enjoyment of reading incredibly seriously, and I’d like to pass on books that have been special to me for one reason or another. SO I added the book page.

I’m also telling you this because if you recommend a book to me, I may not read it, but I will most certainly take a look at it and research it. I’d say by now you can see that.

The reason I reveal this ol’ Book list now is because Summer is major reading time for me. Not much makes me happier than plopping down in a shady spot with some sort of diet beverage and reading for hours.

She’s warmin’ up, y’all.


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