Little Bitty Pissant Country Place

Well the movies page has been updated! Whoop! I have a lot to do today, so this will be short.

Headed to Ohio this weekend! I made a playlist that will include Will saying, “What in the hell is this?!” But…I also slipped in songs he likes so it will go:

Wuthering Heights Kate Bush
Evenflow Pearl Jam
Marie Laveau Dr. John
Belleville Rendevous (Will LOVES this song)
In the Colosseum Tom Waits (My new “Ooohhh if I could do a burlesque routine song…”)
Go go Gadget Flow Lupe Fiasco
Lousiana Woman, Mississippi Man (He will love this….as soon as he stops rhyming heart with fart)
Via Con Mi (Good driving song)
I’ll throw in some Indigo Girls, he’ll groan. I’ll tease him with I’ll Spy theme song, and then smack him with Yellow-Haired Girl (bluegrass), and then he’ll say alright, we’re listening to Okkerville River and I’ll read my book and talk to the cats.

Oh, and of course, we’ll listen to “Ohio” by Over the Rhine. THat’s a great song, Buckeye or no.


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