Praise we raise to thee in song, as the decades rooolllll

“From thy hallowed halls we traveled,
Strong in heart and soul.
Paulding High
Our Alma Mater, days of old and days to be,
Weaves the story of our glory now and ever more.”

Well, this is about the coolest dress I’ve ever seen:

Back from Ohio! It was an incredibly high energy weekend. So much fun. My little Sis graduated making her the fourth Paulding High School graduate in our immediate family. With honors, might I add. Eve, that is. Ellen, too. Not me. Althoughhhh…I do think the cut off has been lowered…a bit.

I absolutely adore my family immediate and extended, and any chance to spend time with them outside in nice May weather with amazing food and hilarious stories is one of my favorite things to do. I even drag the cats along and that is the crazy truth.

Plus graduation cake, as made by my fantastically talented cousin Molly, is pretty much the best breakfast ever.

We are sailing towards Summer here at a Rhinestone World…i.e. my brain. Basically three weeks left of rehearsals and Spring. I’ll post more info on performances of TBC’s Mini Musicals when it is available.

I finally finished knitting the beast of an afghan I’ve been bellering about for months. I just need to stitch it up. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to stitch up a panel, so at that rate, I should have it finished around my 42nd birthday.

Next up on the project front: a vintage wrap that I am ever so excited about that was also due around Christmas, and then an apron for a boy (like a BBQ one…this will be a new endeavor) followed by a bridal apron or two (I am soooo pumped about this). Then it’s a tree skirt made out of green velvet, which I’m planning on giving as a September birthday gift. Now, I may knit at the pace of a tortoise in slo-mo, but I sew like the wind. So my sewing machine will be whirring and steaming soon.

I suppose that’s all on the update front. I was back in my old high school on Sunday and it was…nostalgic. In a way. It was also just, I don’t know. They’ve made so many additions and improvements, it’s just a small area that still looks like high school to me. But it was also pretty neat in that I graduated in 1999 and my sis graduated in 2009. Our middle sis graduated in 2005. So we spanned the decade with high school. And now, no more Kohart girls at Paulding High School. It’s time to take over the world.


3 thoughts on “Praise we raise to thee in song, as the decades rooolllll

  1. Whooops. See? You are sucking me into your whole “I’m older than I am” thing.

  2. Apologies. But if I was sucking you into my “I’m older than I am” thing, I would have graduated in 1997. I’m just sayin’.

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