A Suggestion for Netflix then a request having nothing at all to do with the suggestion

So I was looking back through my Netflix ratings…like you do…and I realized that I’m not able to rate movies quite like I want to. For example, I gave About Schmidt 5 stars. I think it is absolutely one of the best movies I have ever seen. I also gave Dave 5 stars. wha?

I mean, I know what I mean by that, but whatever logarithm Netflix uses to suggest movies to me doesn’t. What I mean is I really just enjoyed Dave on a candy corn level. It’s a jammies and popcorn and hair in curlers kind of movie. I just simply like watching it. Does it have flaws? Why yes it does. Do I care? Why, no I don’t, really. Kevin Kline is funny and that’s about all I need.
But yet About Schmidt rated the exact same 5 stars. Except I think About Schmidt is one of the best films ever made. I think it’s flawless. I didn’t just enjoy it on an entertainment level, I enjoyed it on a soulful level. It is fantastic. So how can I reconcile this?

I have a suggestion.

A Cheeseball button. Just a little orange button (perhaps with little orange cartoon crumbs) that you could click when you see a movie that made you laugh and was fun to watch, but you certainly wouldn’t put it on the same shelf as North by Northwest. Wayne’s World. 5 stars. Cheeseball button. Wet Hot American Summer. 5 stars. Cheeseball Button. Night of the Hunter. 5 stars. Flat out. No qualifiers. Although if there were a Robert Mitchum button, I think I might press it…what? who said that?

Except now I’m thinking Dave deserves 4 stars with a cheeseball button. I think I need a better example.

Okay onto my request: If you were an apron, or if you chose to represent yourself in apron form (Men too, please) what features and accesories would you have? What color would you be? Half or full? Smock or BBQ? For looks or use? Both?
For example, I think if my Dad were to have a specially made apron, it would have a holster for a portable phone and for a bottle of Gatorade. It would be dirt colored. And it would look more like a hoodie than an apron…hmmm…maybe not the best example. But you get what I mean.
I’m considering designing a line of aprons with my friends and readers as the names of the designs. Just in the brainstorming process. As I’ve said before, I have a major project list to complete, but I can’t stop the neurons from firing! Not on purpose anyway.

Give me your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “A Suggestion for Netflix then a request having nothing at all to do with the suggestion

  1. That is a very fun question, Betsy and I believe I’ll bite.

    If I could design an apron pour moi, I believe it would have a sweetheart top and a rounded bottom … somewhat similar to a french maid’s apron, but not qauzy … kind of a like a 50’s sitcom sexy hausfrau type of thang … I think I’d like the strings to form a nice, thick bow, however. I’d probably like a pinup girl on there being saucy with a pan and spoon or sump’n. And silver and pink accents. Maybe a couple of small pockets would be nice, but I’d be wearing it purely for the decoration not the utility.

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