Once I wake up a little, I might write something more interesting, but until then…

So I just realized that my ratings scale (for books, movies, and music) is something I’ve only interpreted for myself. So here’s a Key for you:

1 kitty out five= HISS
2 kitties out of five = Growl
3 kitties out of five = purr
4 kitties out of five = Meow
5 kitties out of five = REEEOWWWW

I had a dream about someone I used to crush on a long long time ago, and I woke up thinking, “Really, subconsious? That’s a little below the belt, no?” I mean what am I supposed to get out of a dream like that?!? Here’s someone who was never interested in you…remember that? That sucked. Well, have a good day! I mean for cryin’ out loud. Self-imposed blows to the ego do not a good Wednesday make.

THEN I get to work and the little store in the lobby was closed and I’d been dreaming of buying a Power-C and some pop tarts the whole way into downtown. Thwarted.

So that’s low blow to ego, no pop tarts, I read a book I didn’t mean to (see my books page for more details), and I think the strap on my heels is going to break. In the big picture, of course, these are minor inconveniences, but in that they’ve all occurred before 8:24 am, I’m a little put out.

So mark your calendars for June 14 and 15. That’s when Theatre Building Chicago’s Mini-Musicals will be performed. I think it will be fun. We got the final drafts last night. Saturday we’re on our feet. I don’t know about the writers, but I sure as hell have learned a lot about the creation of a musical. I also learned a new word:
prosody  /ˈprɒsədi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pros-uh-dee] Show IPA
–noun 1. the science or study of poetic meters and versification.
2. a particular or distinctive system of metrics and versification: Milton’s prosody.
3. Linguistics. the stress and intonation patterns of an utterance.

Oh you’re very welcome.


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