“I hear you are a man of good…..taste?”

Movies page has been updated!

I feel like I should qualify something. Since I’m an actor, I tend to look at movies from an acting perspective. I can critique direction in the sense of artistic choices, and as an artist I can talk visual elements. However, I actually don’t know a whole lot about cameras themselves or things of that nature. If I love an edit, it’s all about the timing as opposed to the actual art of editing. So that’s my bias. I’m going to critique movies from an acting perspective generally, with some direction, artistic choice, and social relevance in between. And certainly I would be remiss if I didn’t plop a Big Ol’ Personal Preference down.

I just watched Zodiac and I talk about it on my movies page. But Jake G. provides a nice example of my personal preference. I can take or leave him. This may only be the second movie I’ve seen with him. The other movie was Donnie Darko. Visually, I appreciate Donnie Darko and the storyline is quirky and weird and dark and all those things I typically like…except….
The disfunctional suburban family dynamic. HEeeard it. Just not my thing. I’m not suburban. My family’s not particularly disfunctional…particularly. And if I ever talked like that at the kitchen table… Seriously, it just makes me uncomfortable. So, while I appreciate American Beauty (and I do…down to Thomas NEwman’s score) Movies like Life as a House, Donnie Darko, etc. leave me cold. So there’s another bias.
But disfunction at the personal level? BRING IT ON. I love it. I am quirky and weird and I love seeing other versions of it onscreen.

I’m just trying to establish the little ledge I occupy when I’m thinking and writing about movies.

This evening, I re-rented Coppola’s Dracula for a couple reasons. 1. Gary Oldman kick…blah blah blah 2. The first time I watched it was in eighth grade. At the time, I was on a very long and drawn on Keanu Reeves kick, which…while misguided, introduced me to some movies I actually really love including Much Ado About Nothing, My Own Private Idaho and yes, even Bill and Ted’s (don’t worry…HUGE press of cheeseball button, but I love it nonetheless). My hormonal crushes on actors have introduced me to many many films I otherwise may not have seen and so I don’t feel too ashamed telling you about them. Anyhoo, Keanu (bless his heart) sucks in Dracula. Even in 8th grade I was like clutching my collar and uttering “eeeeee….yikes.” But I was home alone and my Dad left me with 15 bucks to order a pizza (MMMM a delightful cheese pizza all for me) and rent Dracula so I was happy anyway. And I love Winona Ryder and NOW I love Gary Oldman…which is why I’m rewatching it tonight. I want to know if my eighth grade impressions are at all similar to now after I’ve been acting for awhile and have…good god…15 years experience tacked onto my life.
My eighth grade impressions were as follows (I remember this really well):
1. Bright green mist? As a special effect? What is this 1952? Didn’t you direct the Godfather? (I’ve always been a little movie snobby…a little…don’t get me wrong. I love Encino Man)
2. Oh Winona Ryder. Why can’t I look like you and be in the movies you are in?
3. Oh my god those brides of Dracula are TERRIFYING!
4. Mina is a really cool name.
5. He licked a razor. Oh my god he LICKED A RAZOR!!!!!
6. The pizza has arrived! Pause button.
7. Oh Keanu, you’re so hot. You’re also so bad at acting.
8. I think I might be Transylvanian.

Now, I don’t always think Keanu Reeves is awful. I really don’t. I actually enjoy him in Little Buddha. His aloofness and exoticisism really works.

So tonight it is cheese pizza, blankies and Dracula. I’m trying to recreate it a little..although who knows what happened to my Daffy Duck pj’s? (The said You’re Disssssspicable…I loved them.) And Marco’s pizza of NW OHio will have to be substituted with Home Run Inn. And beers because I think we can all agree I’m not in 8th grade anymore. Hmmm…maybe not beers. But something in the controlled substance area!


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