It’s Movies again, but only because I know you don’t want to hear about the ins and outs of a musical rehearsal

I’ve decided to do some mass Count Dracula consumption. Normally, this would be a Halloween type activity, but the cannon is huge. Up next, Dracula as done by the BBC. Snore if you will, but the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice is that absolute best, and I’m slowly plugging my way through their interpretations of George Eliot (as I read them).

The search results at Netflix when I keyed in “vampire” were interesting…if hardly surprising. The gamut ran from Bela Lugosi’s Dracula to soft core to a film entitled, and I quote, “The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made.” I didn’t queue it. Yet. The goal at this moment is to find the most artful portrayal and interpretation of The Count. WORST interpretation will have to come later. With slumber party.

I’ve also got Sid and Nancy coming up, which I’m very excited about. I suppose, in some way, one could metaphorically call Sid Vicious and his doomed girlfriend Nancy a couple of modern day vampires. I mean, what is co-dependency after all? They really did suck the life out of each other, in a manner of speaking.

After those flicks…okay, forgive me…

You see, the reason I became familiar with AFI’s list was because my Mom bought me a copy of Entertainment Weekly’s special edition of their Top 100 movies in 1999. So initially, I was actually trying to finish the Entertainment Weekly list. Rural Ohio, however, is not the easiest place to find Celine and Julie go Boating (’s just generally difficult to find Celin and Julie Go Boating.), so I ended up defaulting to the AFI list. THEN I met friends who were slowly attempting to do the same thing. Blah blah blah…you know the story.

But it’s been bugging me. Obviously, due to the AFI list, I have seen a substantial chunk of EW movies. And thus far I find it to be a much more nuanced and sophisticated list. “M” is amazing. Terrifying. And god forbid, foreign. But I digress.

So, slowly…AND WITHOUT OBSESSION mind you…I’ve decided to just finish it up.

Now, let me say this, there are some movies in the general cannon of filmmaking that I haven’t seen because I really want to read the book first. Last of the Mohicans being one of these. Unfortunately, I’ve been underenthused about cracking into Last of the Mohicans. I must remind myself that I felt the same way about The Grapes of Wrath, but in the interest of AFI I read it anyway. Turns out it was one of the most rewarding reading experiences of my life. It actually changed me. (The Betsy-Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that day.) So I will probably succumb. Although in my defense, I have read some James Fenimore Cooper. Just not THAT one. (Oh leatherstocking tales…I referred to a certain English teacher yesterday…she was the one that also introduced me to Natty Bumppo.)

Well anyway, back The Count. This isn’t a project of Vampire movies, per se. This a search for the great character, Count Dracula. I’m looking for my favorite artistic interpretation of one of my favorite characters.


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