Not gonna lye…yet

I’ve made a lot of different homemade cleaning and bath and body products. Growing up I learned this from my Mom (Bath salts, etc.) She even made lip balms and hand balms. She did shower gel, body powders, and a whole bunch of other stuff. So some time ago, I ventured out on my own. For a long time, I’ve made my own bath salts. I lurve bath salts. They are fairly unscrewuppable, and have myriad uses. You can exfoliate, soak, scent…they are fab. Anyhoo, since then I’ve ventured into cleaning products, shower gel, rose water, linen spray, and I keep trying new stuff. Eventually, I am going to attempt an eau de parfum, but with the supplies I have, it will likely be very very simple. I don’t have access to aldehydes and other chemical recreations of scent…although now I really really wished I paid attention in chemistry THAT day. Unfortunately, we did banana scent and I loathe and detest the smell of bananas so I mentally shut down. Oh…and I am seriously delayed in my understanding of chemistry.
So, since I like to divide, conquer and move on, I will eventually be attempting a lye soap. Now lye is a fairly dangerous chemical, and one I’m not prepared to deal with yet. So this won’t be for awhile, but I’m just sort of getting this down as an eventual goal. Oh to have a summer kitchen with a huge stove…

You know what…I’m going to need an apron for that….

The point is, I’ve failed more than I’ve triumphed. But what I want to do is make my own soap, so that I can actually start from scratch. So that the product at base can be mine, not Dr. Bronner’s or Kirk’s Castile or Fels Naptha. Me. So my fear of lye must be conquered. Perhaps I should avoid watching Fight Club.

AND I need to find a double boiler at Goodwill.


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