The Summer of Fabulous

Remember the old Seinfeld episode about The Summer of George? Well I propose, to myself, The Summer of Fab. I am going to beautify everthing I can. Head to toe, surroundings, you name it. Hold still and you’re getting a ribbon.

I shall start with my desk area. For too long, I’ve neglected it. It is mine, in the sense that from 8:00 – 4:30, it’s where I live. It needs to look like me, yes? Yes. I need artwork up in this thing. Pens with pink tops. This galvanized bucket with my pens in it needs to be a different color with some ‘zaz.

There are only two or three major givens in my office space: 1. The wall behind me is a deep blue. Almost Atlantic. There are two tropical plants. No windows and an enormous cherry stained desk.

The first step will be organization. Then I shall let my artistic mind wander. So, what have you done to “You up” your office space? Since I’m the front desk, I can’t go entirely nuts, but I can definitely make my mark. In something other than donut crumbs.


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