Very Clever Title with Allusions to great literature inserted here.

I have to talk about perfume a LITTLE, but then I’ll move on to other things.

Women are passionate about perfume. Yesterday, a lady in my office spotted the Perfume Guide on my desk and said she thought it looked interesting. So, I emailed her the title and authors and put a note, “Be careful. You will become obsessed! I’ve already been to Macy’s twice this week smelling things.”
She emailed back. “Thanks for the warning. However, I’m already obsessed.” I ended up staying late at work smelling the ten different perfumes she had in her desk. Imagine what she has at home!
So then I trotted off to Ulta where I forgot to ask for samples. That was the whole reason I went! But I did some smelling. Lolita Lempicka remains on the list. White Linen, I think, has been removed. It’s a great fragrance, but I think Pure White Linen is more me. Because I’m so “pure”. Heh. Well, actually. I smelled Bvlgari pour femme. Pretty. Almost too pretty.
Turns out SJP has a whole new line! I only smelled Dawn because my sniffer was wearing out. I think I’m starting to smell the chemicals Leslie was talking about. However, I still love Lovely.

Okay, that’s my perfume update.

Moving right along, this weekend is revving up to be nuts. My sister and her good friend are coming into town, my brother in law is moving in a couple blocks away, my in-laws are here for the week, and we have tickets to the Harry Potter exhibit! I’m actually nervous about the sorting hat. I have strong feelings I’m Ravenclaw. But I fear the sorting hat has some sort of height/weight sensor and it will say Huffle Puff you big galoot!

I have Shadow of the Vampire on the way tonight. I was going to watch a lighthearted comedy last night to lighten things up, but I spent an hour trying to find one I was interested in, and by then Rick Steve’s was on, and then I went to bed.

So boo to me.

I suppose that’s all for now. Thanks for all the perfumey comments! Keep ’em comin’!!!!!

As Anna has mentioned, Vermont Country Store has turned out to be an absolute giant in the world of vintage perfume!!!!!


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