So You Think Can….Dance!

You have me to thank for the rain. I planned to go to the beach with my sister Ellen and her friend Misty on Saturday. Guess I’m going to have to come up with something else.

I was going to watch Shadow of the Vampire last night, but I forgot So You Think You Can Dance? was on. (Or as Will calls it “Shoobee doobee doobee.” Listen to the theme song. You’ll hear it.) I adore that show. Really! Not even in the sense of “For a reality show, it’s good.” NO! It is just plain great! Mia Michaels, the best choreographer in the whole world in my opinion, is on that show. Not last night, but generally.

Plus there is cool music I wouldn’t hear otherwise…well, alright I may have bumped into “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas at some point, but still. That tango is impossible to find! Someone please tell me where to get it!

Anyway, I firmly believe that So You Think You Can Dance is one of the best artistic productions in all of television right now. High standards. It’s just wonderful. And educational! Being in musical theatre, I’ve had my fair share of dance experiences and genres (particularly historical genres and cultural…Charleston, Swing, African, etc.), but I still learn things from this show. Plus the lighting costumes and makeup are grand.

Check it out! You won’t be sorry. Will loves it too! I’m serious! He wakes me up to make sure we watch it together (I nap a lot…)


2 thoughts on “So You Think Can….Dance!

  1. Love this show. Every Mia Michaels piece I see makes my heart stop. Talk about bringing art to the masses… Mission Accomplished!

  2. It really is a fabulous show. I think I’m also bound and destined to be obsessed with “Dance your Ass off” on Oxygen. Combine SYTYCD with Biggest Loser? I’m there!

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