With all deliberate speed

I’m going to take a moment from my blithering and address two separate topics…well, actually, I’m going to let some people far more eloquent than I address them.

1. Iran. Specifically, women’s rights in Iran. http://www.slate.com/id/2221033/ The only question I have is “Is there anything I can do?”

2. Gov. Strickland of Ohio is proposing 50% cuts in funding for Ohio public libraries. This would effectively kill Paulding County, Ohio, my childhood home. A lot of people don’t have computers of their own and well….I’ll let Momma take it from here:

Good Morning Lynn [Wachtmann, R, District 75, Ohio General Assembly]

I believe you, as well as any of our legislators, understand the needs of Paulding County people. I don’t think that those residing in urban areas have any inkling of the financial situation of many of our residents even before the past year’s devastating events. Many of these people, and that includes seniors and students, do not have the luxury of a home computer, something a large percentage of Americans consider an every day necessity. Our libraries offer them this very important aspect of life in the U.S. They depend on libraries for information, for job hunting and for educational purposes. How can children ever expect to make above poverty level wages if they do not have the tools to learn and keep up with their fellow students?
I know that every time there is a budget cut that quarter howls the loudest, but this is just too important. Too important! Our library system used to be a source of pride for Ohio. How quickly this has changed. We have to stay with the times. Libraries are no longer just a source of leisurely pursuits. They are vital and essential!!! This is supposed to be the information age. Let’s not take a giant leap backward by cutting library funding – not to mention how it will cause huge numbers of Ohioans to be plunged into working reduced hours or worse, unemployment – further impacting our reeling state economy!

Georgia Kohart
Defiance Crescent-News.

I know I’m now a citizen of the state of Illinois, but Ohio is where I grew up and I still remain highly interested in the goings on there. Former Ohioans, current Ohioans, alumni of Ohio school, Here’s how to help:
We need your help!

The Governor’s budget cut proposal

announced Friday afternoon could

mean as much as a 50% decrease in

Public Library Funding!

The new state budget goes

into effect July 1, 2009!

The Governor’s budget cut proposal is now

in the hands of the Budget Conference Committee…

they should make a decision by July 1st.

Call and/or E-Mail
Governor Strickland

(614) 644-4357
Click here to submit an e-mail

Call and/or E-Mail

State Senator
Steve Buehrer



Call and/or E-Mail
State Representative
Lynn Wachtmann



Tell them how valuable you think the library is and to please not cut the
Public Library Fund,

but restore it to original levels!

Public Libraries are the only institution in Ohio that serve every man, woman and child equally… and are vital for the strength of our state!


One thought on “With all deliberate speed

  1. It’s a shame that in thie day and age, when people are cutting the extravagant crap that has for so long cluttered their lives and getting back to basics, the notion of cutting libraries should even emerge. Without access to the information (and imagination) that libraries hold, many people from all economic levels and different backgrounds will be left stranded. I think it’s a terrible idea, and I hope it’s seriously reconsidered.

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