Rosemary and Time

Jamie, my fellow receptionista, has suggested I document my attempt at The Summer of Fabulous. I shall try.

It’s June 24. Three full days into summer. Thus far, summer has been nicely fab. We’ve welcomed Adam to the city. (I’ll call him Lil’ Bro from here on out…or until I think of something I like better) We’ve had some excellent red curry. I’ve managed to snag two samples of some very expensive perfume. Whoo hoo! AND I found a whole bunch of websites that sell perfume way below retail. Okay, bargain shopping is far from fab, but I still get a thrill. OOh, and I also had a great nap yesterday.

Oh cripes, it’s June 24! It’s our anniversary!!!!!
3 years, y’all. Wow. Both of us remembered on Monday that our anniversary was today. And both of us forgot this morning…

Do I play the “I can’t BELIEVE you forgot” card? Nah.

The traditional gift for a 3rd anniversary is Leather. The modern gift is Crystal. We don’t really do anniversary gifts…I mean…we do. I’m wearing my first anniversary gift: A Tiffany necklace that I adore. But last year we decided not to. I mean, Will doesn’t need any more belts, and the last piece of crystal I got still needs repairing…

But still, having our anniversary at the beginning of the Summer of Fab is a-okay. But how to celebrate? Hmmm…


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