Falling in love with love

So I’m starting to see where my comfort zone in perfume is.

Let me just give you the descriptions of a few that I either own or shortlisted, and then I’ll tell you the title:
It has a lightly floral fragrance, blending Jasmine, Lavender, Egyptian Musk, and Passionflower. Our scent includes a secret herbaceous ingredient, which when carefully blended, creates a sure-to-please scent that is both evocative and intoxicating.

Let an air of romance caress your mind, body and spirit with this rose infused rainwater body mist. Light, silkening conditioners band with the moisture in your skin allowing the romantic scent to linger followed by a review of the same scent…a blend of bergamot, rose, and vanilla notes, is lush and a touch “perfumey”, with the vanilla making itself strongly felt around the red-rose center.

The women’s fragrance that evokes the timeless essence of falling in love. Discover the sensual essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk.

a sparkling fruity floral blend that celebrates love, newly found or rediscovered. Passionate. Impulsive. Electric. This fragrance possesses a blend of Mandarin, Black Currant, Melati Blossom, Lily Of The Valley, White Musk, Grey Amber.

A confident woman, full of dreams, bursting with love, yet modest enough so that the slightest compliment makes her blush the colour of peonies. Her irrestible and independent spirit are embodied in this new fragrance… The discrete scent of peonies, suggestive of a budding impudence, is enhanced with a blend of wild roses and geranium rosa, and the result is a beautiful bouquet, reminiscent of the spring day and of a new love.
Notes of red currants, pomegranates, cherries and wine peaches lend a sense of sweet cravings and vague desires. A question lurks: Will the love last? The answer, at last, is Yes!

Okay, so, here are the names of those perfumes/fragrances respectively,
Elixir of Love, no. 1
Passion Rose
Amor amor
Quel Amour!

I’m in love with love. Apparently. I adore all those fragrances, but it has become fairly evident it’s time to sidle my way out of the fruity floral genre, yes? Especially those having to do with falling in all sort of love.

So. I need a citrus, a chypre, a green. Something to shake things up. Up until yesterday I was all, “jeepers, I should really have a substantial floral in my repertoire.” Um. I do. And how. I’m going to start traipsing the aisles of the the men’s fragrances. Why not? Smell Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise for Men and argue with me. Ava Gardner wore Acqua di Parma. Dolly Parton and GW both wear Gendarme. (Talk about an internal struggle, you guys…seriously.)

I do own a couple aldehydic numbers (Sicily and no. 5), but I feel as though perhaps White Linen would serve me better. And I’m going back to smell Azuree. Maybe I haven’t given Tabu a fair shake.

“I need a floral…” Humbug! I own White Shoulders! Look out L’Eau de Hadrien (or as one perfume reviewer calls it, “Yo Adrien.”) I’m coming for you you herbally citrus triumph!


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