Flight of the Betsybee

I wandered down to Daley Plaza today to check out the farmer’s market. In the heat of the day, the vegetable were starting to look sorry, but just as I was heading back…there they were.

Beeswax candles.

I love beeswax and honey. And bees. And my husband loves yellow and black, so there you go. Finding reasonably priced beeswax candles makes me do a little jig (just insert “beeswax candles” for “berries and cream”)

They did have a big ol’ hunka beeswax, but I don’t have a double boiler yet, so it would just have to sit around being a little sticky. Much like me.

They even put the candles in a little bag with cartoon bees all over it and honeycomb border. I’m sure the nice bearded man with the hat that was helping me out probably wondered why the sweaty brunette with big cow eyes was staring at him, lip quivering, clutching the little bag to her chest. I handed him a mangled two dollars. He lives by hives! He doesn’t know how hard reasonably priced beeswax candles are to come by! Or how special I think cartoon bees are. (Ever since my childhood I have loved cartoon bees. Every pretend storefront I opened was the Busy Bee something or other. My family always found this charming until we walked passed a smashed storefront window on Wells, covered in plywood by the “Buzy Bee Board Up Company”.) My pretend Busy Bee flower shop at least had the sense to spell it right.

I don’t even know what I was getting at there.

Sorry for the lull in movie talk (if you missed it). Our air conditioner in the living room is so loud I can’t hear anything. I suppose I could watch a silent movie or something.

I stopped by Merz Apothecary last night to sniff the Caswell-Massey selection. (George Washington wore no. 6) The women’s colognes were mostly soliflores (one flower scents), except for one called Elixir of Love. Ridiculous name, yes. But I do like it. I may purchase. It’s very reasonable. Caswell-Massey has been around since 1752 and has been worn by the likes of Kennedy. So I thought, heck! Why not check out the men’s colognes? I really dig the Sandalwood. I would even consider it for me, except it really evokes my aunt and uncles house (which is a great smell), so I feel like I could never really own it. However, I did find one I want Will to try. It’s called Greenbriar. It has a silly little man in full golf regalia on front. But I like how it smells. I really wanted to smell the Bay Rum cologne. How summery would that be? But they didn’t have it. I’ve definitely left the idea of “feminines” and “masculines” behind. It just doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, my treks down the street I’m sure have been creeping people out. I lean in their direction to try to figure out what perfume they have on. The only benefit to this is that perfume thoughts have started to outweigh, “Dear god, that’s a big ass,” thoughts. Usually.

I suppose there are some people who don’t care what George Washington smelled like. Or are even horrified by the thought. But for me, it sort of brings history alive. To know what the leaders of the day were wearing? That says something about the times. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme isn’t just a song lyric. It’s the air of , well, I guess an era (npi).

I have some potpourri outside our door that I made from an old middle ages recipe. I like that idea. Rose buds, and lavender, and cloves, and cinnamon (well…cassia), oils and bay leaves. Kinda neat. I’d like to make a rosemary wreath. I just…I don’t know how to make a wreath.

Maybe it calls for beeswax!


2 thoughts on “Flight of the Betsybee

  1. I had no idea that there was a way to find out what historical figures wore. That’s really awesome. As a history buff I love anything like that.

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