Got to pick a bottle or two

While fragrance is fun (and liquor is quicker), sometimes just the bottle will do for a thrill. These are my favorite perfume bottles (scent not taken into consideration).

1. Lolita Lempicka

Is it an apple? Who knows!? It’s etched in gold. It looks so delicate and yet dangerous. I love this purpley crystalline intricate bottle. Beautiful.

2. Amouage gold for women, vintage It looks like the treasure Aladdine stumbles upon. And trust me, what’s inside costs about as much. It’s so incredibly opulent, you almost want to shrink down and live inside.

3. The Annick Goutal butterfly and moon bottles While everyone else is lounging around the rotunda of Amouage, I’ll be curling up inside a special edition Annick Goutal butterfly. I didn’t picture it here, but the Grand Amour version looks like my dream apartment in some weird spherical way.

4. All Anna Suis except for the Dolly Girls

While the Dolly Girls freak me out a little, all other Anna Sui bottles are little works of art. Intricate. Fun. I want to design a bedroom or bathroom based on them. Heck, Lolita Lempicka too.

5. Eclat d’Arpege. I actually just discovered this one last night. So classical. So sleek.
6. Vespres Sicillienes or La Rivage des Syrtes or Ambre Tapkapi or Invasion Barbare (Parfums MDCI) Probably my absolute favorites, and absolutely never gonna haves. Sigh.
7. Miller Harris bottles
I love the sleek bottle with the intricate florals. Very nicely unisex.
8. Auguste bottles
9. Penhaligons I love that staunch British apothecary look. It makes me think of crisp clean sheets, cotton robes, sunny English gardens. Gentlemen…
10. Jicky. The forerunner in the argument for unisex integrity. Would look wonderful on anyone’s dresser or vanity. The oldest continually produced fragrance in the world (don’t let anyone tell you differently.)


One thought on “Got to pick a bottle or two

  1. I rather feel that Jicky looks like the gazebo part of my new apartment building! 🙂 Those are all fabulous bottles, Miss Betsy.

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