Maybe I’m just focusing on the more distasteful parts of books I’ve read, but does anyone else feel like pre-twentieth century there was a lot of buggery going on?

I say this because there are some rather unfortunate ewes in The Red Tent. The men have their way with other livestock in Beloved, and the way Cotton Mather prattles on in his sermons, you’d think people were missing church because their goat girlfriend was being needy.

But maybe I’m just ruminating.

In other news, I’m back from Ohio a little older…a little wiser…hair a little darker…a couple pounds heavier (thank you delivery pizza. You see, you can’t get pizza delivered when you live on a farm. It’s outside the “area”.) I actually have a ton to do today, so I shouldn’t putter. I did manage to update my books, movies and music pages. (And I found the Godfather movies for 9 bucks a pop at Walmart! Widescreen and everything!)

Keep an eye on your flock, if you know what I mean.


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