On deck

The summer is bounding past so quickly it’s making my head spin, and what do I do when my head spins? I nap. However, the napping must fall to the wayside because I have many an event and project to attend to.

Firstly, this evening, I will be seeing Halcyon Theatre’s production of The Toymaker’s War. Wanna join me? Email me! (elizabethhopemorgan@gmail.com). It’s part of their Alcyone festival, “Each summer we produce The Alcyone Festival, celebrating female playwrights. Because female playwrights are horribly represented on stages across America, we created the Alcyone Festival to combat this directly, by celebrating the depth and breadth of women writers.” So well done there, yes? Yes! In fact, I’m bummed this is the only show of the festival I’ve been able to see. It has been One Crazy Summer for me, so far.

Tomorrow, our office is going on something being referred to as many things, the most common being “Boat cruise” and “Boat Outing”. I bought dramamine. I don’t know where we’re going or what we’re doing. I just hope we’re done by 4:30 because….

I’m picking up my little sister Eve tomorrow night for her big weekend in Chicago before she leaves for college! This is incredible, because she’s only nine.

Not really, it’s just for me, she’s…sniff…grown up so fast…sob. We have many plans including Chinatown, Harry Potter, and many other things involving cash.

Meanwhile, I’m researching Non-Profit boards with the purpose of forming a better theatrical board. I’m learning so much!!!! ALSO, get your socks off and hair pulled back, there is a plan for me to lead a three-session Viewpoints class! I’m so utterly thrilled about this, I could just wet my pants. I won’t. But I could. I’ll keep you updated as information comes about. BUT I promise it I wil make it accessible to both beginner’s and veterans alike. Let me know if you’re interested!

I also updated my books page.

Okay, that’s all from here. So much to do!


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