We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Busting busting BUSTING! I am so excited about THIS!

Consider it a jam session for theatre people. A hoedown, if you will.

I’d recommend attending if you are:
– an actor
– a director
– a member of an ensemble/interested in ensemble work
– an artist that wants to expand his or her repertoire

Also, it’s just fun. Really!

Please hit me up with questions if you have any, and check out the link I posted.

Meanwhile, my office is taking a boat cruise today. I have mixed feelings about this. As with all summer outings, my first hope is that I can skip it and go home early. But then I do love the water. (Note to captains and jokesters: not THAT much. I don’t plan on swimming today.)

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I’ve misconstrued the information thinking that we are going on a two hour ride on the lake, when in actuality we are going on a CRUISE and I didn’t pack?

No that wouldn’t be hilarious. That would be awful.

Do you know what our boat’s name is? The Summer of George. I kid you not. I actually got an email saying “The Summer of George will be located at the docks near State and the Chicago River.” As with all work emails, I glanced over it, closed out and then my eyes bugged out of my head and I re-clicked.

Summer of George!


2 thoughts on “We’re gonna need a bigger boat

  1. I love that the boat is named The Summer of George … I hope you had a beautiful sail! (Though it was a bit cold and rainy last night.)

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