Le bonbon Jésus, je regrette que je n’aie pas $6,000 et beaucoup de temps libre.

There’s that moment, when you’re lying in bed reading and a chapter ends, but it ends so deliciously that you have a decision to make: put the book down and turn out the light…or keep reading and be tired tomorrow. I love that moment. (So I’m reading the Andromeda Strain. Whatever. It’s fun. I read the classics! I’m incredibly literate! Just not during the summer…)

Meanwhile I’ve decided that any true brunette worth her salt should own a bottle of Coco by Chanel. It’s a perfume that was created for brunettes. You could argue that Cristalle was created for icy blondes. Sure, I love Cristalle. In fact, I’d love a big fat bottle to store in the fridge for hot days. But generally speaking, it feels a bit amiss on me on most days. It smells great. But it carries itself in that Kim Novak-y way that I’ve never been able to pull off.

I wore Coco Mademoiselle in college. (It’s like Coco with training wheels.) And I still have an affection for it. (I also love the frosty glass bottle and peachy hue of the juice.) But I’m a grown ass man…wo-man, and it’s time to shed the training wheels, you know?

In other news of the literate variety, I put down the book Ishmael almost as quickly as I picked it up. I’ll never be the sort of person that seeks a true Teacher. A Mentor. A Guru. Especially if he or she is a gorilla.

On October 7, I think I shall be doing THISSSSS!!!!!! William and I are planning a trip to France next year and I’m hoping upon hope it won’t be too nuts of us to think we could do both Paris and Provence. I really really want to take one of the one-day perfume classes in Grasse. Really really. While I’m not a huge fan of tuberose, I might change my mind when enveloped in a field of them…. That is of course after I lay about naked in some lavendar. Okay, I don’t HAVE to be naked…but c’mon…”when in Grasse…”

What would I rather do, a six-week summer course in Grasse or a six-week summer course at SITI company. THAT is the question…
To be answered right after I find that pesky $3,000.


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