So I know there’s been a bit of radio silence over here at a Rhinestone World, and were it because of personal issues, I wouldn’t care to explain. However, I’m actually WORKING. Like actual work and I’m really enjoying myself (my mother just fainted…she’s fine, she’s fine.)

So let me bring you up to speed:

Project 1. Viewpoints Workshop! One week left! We’ve really covered quit a bit of ground in a short amount of time, and I’m very grateful to the participants. I’ve learned a lot and I’m looking forward to creating more original work. I’m very grateful for the experience. It really has been a special part of my summer!

Project 2. Directing “Judith Lynn” for Rascal Children’s Theatre. Auditions are coming up soon! Sing up info HERE.

Project 3. Directing a piece for Appetite Theatre’s Bruschetta festival. More info to come…

Project 4. Cleaning out my back porch area. That’s not a metaphor. But it is a hell of a task. Label-maker in tow, I am slowly purging unidentified ac adaptors, myriad cassette tapes, many a paint stir stick, and occasional odd but heartfelt wedding gifts. I ask you, how many coaxial cables doth one man need?

Project 5. Researching non-profit boards of trustees. This topic, while surprisingly approachable and somewhat fascinating is immense. And every new word that I read is a new piece of information.

Project 6. I’m of the “Go Big or Stay Home” school of…well, anything really. If I’m not totally invested, I’m not interested. However, I am “invested” in every sense of the word in planning a trip to France with Sweet William. Imagine, if you will, a motorcycle for two, charging down the road of Knowledge. That’s me driving with Will behind (or Will driving and me barking directions from behind, whatever) and there in the side car is Rick Steves. His website is a treasure trove of European travel information. Although I was dissapointed to see he doesn’t really cover Romania, that’s something I can lament later. This trip, this first trip abroad, is Paris and hopefully some other areas of France. Our first step was saying aloud: Hey let’s go to France. Our second step was opening a bank account. The third step that I’m beginning now, is research. And lots of it. I’m reading 60,000,000 Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong. It’s fascinating. Perhaps, one might say, you should learn the language. Well, I certainly plan on learning some French. But I wanted a broad overview, so I chose this book (as recommended by Mr. Steves). What I really want is the Rosetta Stone French learning software but egad if it isn’t nearly $500. And from I can tell, the Chicago Public Library doesn’t have it either. BUT, in that I love researching, I’m convinced I can find a worthy competitor without dropping so many clams.

Project 7: I’m really trying to make fitness a less optional part of my life. I usually poodle on down to the gym on a regular basis, but I’m trying to poodle on down their on a daily basis. I’m trying to make it as important to my day as lunch, and friends, I NEVER miss lunch.

So that’s what I’m working on at present…oh, and finishing that afghan. I’m not kidding. We have officially reached the Year mark. A full year and it’s not finished. It’s damn close, but not done.

Luckily, though I haven’t been blogging a lot, I have managed to cram in a few books, so be expecting reviews. I’ve also seen Harry Potter, Public Enemies (twice…), and I’ve got a stack of rentals at home handing me a cup of tea and imploring me to sit down and watch.

One must prioritize.

Going to see The Adventures of Nervous Boy tonight at Gorilla Tango!


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