Ye Olde Schnooker and Schnappe Shoppe

Dear Reader, I would like to make an announcement!

Introducing A Rhinestone World’s Amazon Boutique! (linked at right)

If perchance you checked my blog out earlier this morning and saw some schizophrenic posting that made no sense, please accept my apologies. I was looking at some HTML codes not realizing that they don’t apply to Ce la vie.

Anyway, linking and reviewing books, movies and music on my pages has become somewhat awkward and sometimes pics don’t post, etc. So I applied and was accepting into Amazon’s affiliate program! This is pretty cool. If I ever recommend an item you are interested in, you can order it through my Boutique! The boutique will grow over the next few weeks. Right now it’s mainly books with a few movies. I plan on adding perfumes and music very soon.

I want you to know that every item in my boutique will have been fully road-tested by yours truly. It’s existence in the boutique will be a true recommendation. I’m still learning my way around the set-up and all, but feel free to peruse any old time.



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