Paper Moon

I use google calendar. After a very long and very half-hearted search for an online to-do list, Slate published an article addressing that very issue and convinced me. It’s not perfect. I can’t really print a to-do list. I can’t print multiple months, say for a rehearsal calendar (yes I know there is a firefox tweak for this, but I’m at work and can’t use firefox), along with a half dozen other “c’mon, google” annoyances. BUT, it also has some really nice perks and I’ve started to adjust to it. Like, I don’t use a paper calendar anymore adjust to it. This may be old hat to some of you, but to me…this is NEWS.

Actually, it just occurred to me that in an audition situation, this could be a serious problem. Huh. Guess I should also integrate my little ol’ phone into this plan. Oh wait. It’s broken. And I’m waiting on a new one.

This isn’t a bitch fest. I’m trying to say that generally speaking, I LIKE google calendar. ( How else would I know when it is Guy Fawkes day?) It has really enhanced my productivity for the most part. I kind of work under my own bastardized system that includes elements of the Time Management System, Getting Things Done, Get Organized Now!, and Betsy’s Wanna/Don’t Wanna/Not Gonna systems. I’m sure I’m copying off other productivity theories, but I don’t know that I am, so how can I cite them here?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that with all this productivity and Gettin’ Things Done and Time Management, why can’t I remember to refill the handsoap containers? It’s on my To Do List. I wash my hands. I use my face soap because I get to the sink and I think, Oh crap, I forgot to fill the soap container. Well, I guess I’ll just use my face soap. And then I wash my hands and wash all thoughts down the drain.

It doesn’t help that I make my own hand soap and everyone hates it so they prefer to use my face soap, not my “snot-like” handsoap. So they don’t remind me. It’s an uphill battle, to say the least. Yes, I may have overdone it on the glycerin. I’m going to try less this time. I also plan on not using castile soap as my base. Okay? That’s 2 snot textures I’m addressing. Lil’ help?

That aside, there is another reason I like Google Calendar/Gmail. Slowly, but surely, it is helping me go paperless. I suppose…in a way, google’s lack of being able to print a to do list may help me and a few trees in the long run.

So, how do you handle your glut of paper? Actors, would you consider having a paperless script system (post-show, of course…). I don’t know if I could go that far. I’m still very much a handwriter when it comes to projects, research, etc.

At this point, my goals re: paperless go as far as scanning all my files I deem important (tax returns, etc.). But I don’t know about all that loose “creative” stuff. Will and I have shelf upon shelf of old show binders. They serve as not only the occasional resource, but also the badge of honor. I completed THIS show. Here is the work I did. The problem is an apartment can only hold so much honor.

And what about those clever notes and backstage poems I occasionally write… “Ode to a headset,” for example. What in god’s name am I supposed to do with those?! Agh.

Going paperless is one hell of an endeavor. One that I’m not putting a time limit on. But am curious if you have attempted it yourself.


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