The Pit of Despair

I had a rough day yesterday. Details aside, I self-medicated in two of my favorite ways (and I have many favorite ways). One was an embarrassing shopping spree involving the September issue of Lucky, a bag of chips and two twinkies. That got me through until dinner. THEN I required a bit of higher level of self-medicine, namely: Cinematherapy. I found it in The Princess Bride. Of course, most of us have seen the Princes Bride likely over and over. I know that for years upon years it was just what my cousin Jackie and I did on Friday nights. Our parents would rent a VCR (yes, they rented the VCR) and The Princess Bride, ordered a pizza, shoved us in some sleeping bags, and that was that. I gotta tell ya, rarely do I have an evening that beats that in utter enjoyment. Excitement? Sure, I’ve had more exciting evenings. But pure satisfaction? I don’t think so.

So I summoned the comfort that is The Princess Bride. And it was worth every minute. So I ask you, when was the last time you saw it? Do yourself a favor and watch it again. It’s perfect. It’s just perfect. It didn’t cure my bad day, but it sure as hell smooched my wounds and put a big pink bandaid on them.

The Princess Bride
(Rob Reiner)


2 thoughts on “The Pit of Despair

  1. It’s like…too much romance. I can’t handle it…oh god, its calling me now…damn, thats a good movie.

  2. TPB is a perfect, perfect piece of cinema. I think I need to watch it now. And the book is amazing too.

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