Step, bump…step bump bump.

It’s nearly fall shopping season, my third favorite time of year (trumped only by Halloween and the Christmas season.) Actually, I suppose it is somewhat an extension of Halloween for me; at it’s heart, it’s all about having fun getting dressed up. It’s no wonder I chose theatre as my …pardon…ONE of my professions. I’m still eagerly (read irritatedly awaiting the September editions of Vogue and Instyle…note to drugstores, I KNOW you have a box full of September Vogues back there. The display date was TWO DAYS AGO. Put them out!) But I’ve had Elle and Lucky and Vanity Fair to tide me over.

The fall season is my favorite fashion season because it encompasses things I love: tweeds, tartans, maryjanes, tights, deep jewel tones, and fishnets. It’s also the season that I really try to hone my wardrobe. Summer is fun, but I basically live in sundresses and strappy sandals. There may be style to it, but there is little art.

Each year, I come up with a list of clothes I would like/need, and either head out on a marathon weekend of shopping or slowly use the season to pluck things off my list. This year I think will a slow pluck…ahem.

Meanwhile, for years, yes YEARS I have been searching for the perfect mary jane. I used to own them. They were buy Antonio Melani and now they are no longer in production and I wore mine out. I mean right out. I had them repaired and repaired but finally I had to accept that by the end, they would have looked better on Judy Garland in Easter Parade.

Since then, I’ve been at a loss. A long time ago I made a decision that I would only purchase items (clothing, movies, shoes, music, etc.) that I absolutely LOVED. Not just liked. LOVED. Even if it’s 3 bucks on clearance I have to love it enough to be willing to pay full price for it. As such, while many contenders have come along, no true love for mary janes has sprung.

Until now. I was perusing through the August issue of Vanity Fair when I happened upon this picture:

It’s an enterpretation of 42nd street.
I used to listen to the song 42nd street specifically for the big tap break in which 50 dancers crack it out in 20’s-style mary janes. If I could dress like this spread, I would. Always.

Anyway, there, on the second girl in, I spotted them: the perfect mary-f-ing janes.

They are from Repetto in Paris. They are $300. I don’t even know how European sizing works. I think I can get them at Saks. Of course, I don’t have $300. So I must add them to the grand wish list.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been attracted to the same fashion influences for the most part: Ballerinas (particularly of the early 80’s), vintage pinups, the 40’s and 50’s, the 20’s, tap dancers/Bob Fosse, a touch of that Ali Mcgraw/Jane Birkin thing, a dash of Fairy, and Edith Head.

Truly TRULY if I wore what I absolutely wanted to with no regard to practicality and other people I would own four outfits:

1. A leotard, tights, wrap skirt, perfect black mary janes, and leg warmers with a wrap sweater on top.
2. A tight white tshirt, perfect pair of boot cut jeans, black Christian laboutin pumps, and red lipstick
3. A navy velvet and satin ballgown with mountains upon mountains of fabric with a strapless corseted top, probably barefoot. Toes painted in OPI Affair in Red Square (my favorite color. Not just in nail polish.)
4. A perfect Bombshelly leopard print wiggle dress with some rockin’ red satin pumps.

That’s it. Really.

With that in mind, Introducing my grand wardrobe wish list (for my actual life that I live now):

1. Repetto Mary Janes (see above)
2. Christian Laboutin black pumps
3. Black leather opera length gloves (With or without Gloria Swanson)

*You may be wondering at this point if I’ve chosen to pursue a career that involves whips and chains. I assure I have not. I just have this little red satin evening jacket that is begging for these items…*

4. Perfect 40’s-y wide-leg wool pants with a bow Preferably, I’d like them in a camel color. But when I googled “40’s tie-waist pants camel” I got an assortment of pictures of pants and camels.

5. A leopard print pencil skirt. This, friends…this one may not be too far out of reach. I found just the thing at my little best kept secret: Newport-News. Newport News!? You shout, horrified. “I know!” I say, evily crinkling my eyes. “You thought all their stuff was horrid!” Well, a lot of it is. Trrrust me. They are more pleated pants and polyester tops than you can shake a stick at. But if you dig…you just might find something like this:

And sometimes I have a discount code.

So that’s the grand wish list. The wow am I glad I hid my credit card wish list.
Tomorrow I think I might share my actual fall shopping list.


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