Sing it long and sing it strong for Rah rah Paulding…

So I decided not to go to my high school reunion…not this time, at least. 1. We had already planned to be in Columbus, not Defiance. and 2. I just didn’t want to. And yet, when 15 or 20 rolls around, I just might do it. But mainly, I didn’t want to haul ass from Paulding County to Columbus and back.

I feel a little weird about not going, but I guarantee I’d feel weirder about going. Some of those guys have known each other since birth. I showed up at age 14. I never quite felt…hometowney? Part of me feels like I should go to Archbold’s reunion, where I went to school a majority of K-8. But then THEY would feel weird.

So Go Panthers tonight! I’ll be cheering in spirit. INCLUDING spirit fingers. Heck, maybe I’ll even wear my old football cheerleading windbreaker.

Anyhoo, I’d like to say that I do things in my own time frame. Sometimes it’s way faster than other people, and sometimes it’s way slower. Excluding perhaps fashion, I actually don’t keep up with new releases, etc. It really stresses me out. The reunion just isn’t occurring in a time frame that works for me, both literally and mentally. For example, last night I watched Cast Away. Not exactly a new release. But now is when I got around to it. Kind of a weird little movie, huh? I mean, Zemeckis fairly lolled himself all over it (somebody take access to emotive music away from that guy), but I did enjoy myself. Afterwards, Will said, “How was it?” and I said, “Oh, you know…manipulative and entertaining.”
Here’s what I liked: I liked that we got to see a mainstream movie with this weird little relationship between a man and a volleyball. It was…okay, I’ll say it. Feel free to boo, but it was existential. I also liked the ultimate message of Life goes on. The Universe is taking care of you. The Universe provides just enough. Not too much and not too little. You can be handed a sail. But a sail is only as good as the boat you put it on. So that. That I liked.
And I love Tom Hanks. He reminds me a lot of the men I know. From Dads, to Uncles, to friends.
What I didn’t like: Helen Hunt.
I also felt like, okay, really I think the score bothered me. It was like Zemeckis was saying, “Feel touched….NOW! (Swell of strings…)”. I just wanted to say, “Okay, this is poignant, but I’m going to feel it when it hits home for me.”
Weirdly enough, Chris Noth showed up in like, 3 other shows I watched last night. That guy must RAKE in royalties between Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Sex and the City reruns.


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