Movie Hero of the Week! – Charles Ruggles

I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite actors, directors and other movie-types weekly just for fun.

CHARLES RUGGLES ( aka Charlie Ruggles) 1886-1970

This week allow me to introduce Charles Ruggles. Throughout his career, he played many many roles and played them well. And if I had to categorize those performances in one word, I would use “cuddly.” While I’ve bemoaned the film itself, his performance in Bringing Up Baby is a perfect example of his blustery charm.

There are two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame bearing Mr. Ruggle’s name: one for movies AND one for television. If you haven’t caught him on film, likely you’ve seen him on The Munsters or Bewitched.

He plays Grandpa McKendrick in the Parent Trap and says things like “I am NOT burbling. I haven’t burbled in years.” He has 145 acting credits on IMDB, so I don’t know that I will be able to see his entire cannon. Plus, Netflix has a pretty paltry selection (Where is Ruggles of Redgap!?) But in honor of this post, I added The Ugly Daschund and It Happened on Fifth Avenue to my queue.

I was looking around for a quote about or by Charles Ruggles, and I found some like “The Discreet Charm of Charlie Ruggles” and other things but this photo I think says it all:

Check out the loveable, huggable, chamelon that is Charlie Ruggles. You won’t be dissapointed.


2 thoughts on “Movie Hero of the Week! – Charles Ruggles

  1. The original Parent Trap is one of my all-time favorite movies. And it was one of my mom’s all-time faves. Hopefully, I’ll be able to convert Clara into a believer.

    As I recall, Charles Ruggle’s character smelled of tobacco smoke and peppermint. Such a great grandpa.

  2. What a nice tribute to Charlie Ruggles. Back when I was a teenager I corresponded with him and so when the Internet came around in the 90s I made a Charlie Ruggles web site. He was a wonderful comic actor and an even nicer person.


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