Starting over again

What an ordeal the last month of my life has been. Tomorrow is my last day at my job. I have spent 5 years and 1 month exactly at this job. And that is a lot longer than I originally intended.

I’m pretty exhausted. The month ended on a spectacular high note (New job! Trip to New York! Cast in Theatre Building Benefit!) but it was a big struggle. Today, after yesterday’s wonderful high of excitement I am pooped.

I’m having a hard time thinking ahead. Anything more than a week and I hesitate. I’m incredibly committment phobic at the moment. I think that’s okay. I apologize if it’s bugging anyone, but you have to know that I just spent 30 days not being able to make plans and that is really weird for me.

Right now, I crave family and friends and nothing else. I don’t know if January will bring fresh resolve, but right now I have wounds to heal. And thanks to give. And hugs.


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