Semper Fi

Yesterday was jam-packed with preparatory loveliness (One of my favorite things to do is form a Plan.) I’m not ready to reveal everything I was up to yesterday, but I shall reveal one juicy tidbit…after this movie discussion.

So, first things first.

Yesterday evening I watched the movie Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison starring our Movie Hero of the Week, Robert Mitchum. I am ever so glad I did. It is simply charming. Robert Mitchum serves as the titular Mr. Allison, a shipwrecked Marine marooned on a tropical island. On the island he meets Sister Angela, played delightfully by a pitch perfect Deborah Kerr. It’s a WWII movie. But it’s also a love story. But it’s also an anti-romance, too. I very nearly wanted to reach into the screen and clutch the film to my breast. It’s that adorable. Robert Mitchum is as big and manly as ever, and yet, it may be the most vulnerable I’ve ever seen him. There is a sense of Lenny with his puppies and that includes both the sweet and brutal feelings that reference evokes.

It’s set up like the perfect sexual fantasy- a ripped shirted tanned Marine stuck in Paradise with a Damsel in Distress…minus the nun part.

Oh hell, keep the nun part.

Anyway, I’m surprised this movie isn’t more well-known. Outside being a Robert Mitchum fan, I don’t think I would have ever bumped into it. Sure it has those fifties movie curiosities – why isn’t her habit dirty? But it’s so incredibly well-done and feel-good, one hardly notices. So add to the Nominees for my List. 4 out of 5 stars for Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison.

Meanwhile, I am working on different project: A book.

That’s right, folks. I have decided to write a book. I’m still shaping up the idea, so I’m not ready to reveal the title. But I will say this: It is non-fiction. You may have seen how my fiction turns out. I think I should stick with pithy commentary and list-making. But you never know. I may yet have a fantasy serial somewhere. Namely, How I See Reality.

So that’s the haps here at A Rhinestone World. I’m working overtime today, so look out: I may tune back in later.

But for now, Rhinestone World: Over and Out.


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